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Pick Which Is More important or you like more

Potential - Hard work
Speed - Strength
Dunk - 3 Point Shot
Ball Handling - Court Vision
Post Moves - Shooting
Block - Steal
Offense - Defense
Scoring Mentality - Pass First
Rebounding - Passing
Layups / Dunks - Jump Shoots/Pull Up Jumpers
Inside Defense - Perimeter Defense
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hard work speed 3 point ball

hard work
3 point
ball handling
defense wins championships. offense wins games
pass first
any shot. anybody can dunk and do a layup. gotta have shooters\
inside all day long

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Potential - Hard work. Hard Work. I want to see Effort!
Speed - Strength - Speed!
Dunk - 3 Point Shot - 3 Point, you'll get more of those
Ball Handling - Court Vision - Court Vision!
Post Moves - Shooting Post Moves
Block - Steal Block
Offense - Defense Defense!
Scoring Mentality - Pass First I'm bored! LOL.
Rebounding - Passing Rebounding!
Layups / Dunks - Jump Shoots/Pull Up Jumpers 2nd One
Inside Defense - Perimeter Defense Inside!
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Potential - Hard work

Potential - Hard work Potential because there are a lot of hard workers that are not bless with enough raw talent to make it.
Speed - Strength speed because if you cant catch me you can't stop me
Dunk - 3 Point Shot 3 point shot perimeter game opens up your drive
Ball Handling - Court Vision Court vision because ball handling is over rated if you play great team ball
Post Moves - Shooting shooting because post play is becoming rare
Block - Steal steals because you can block a shot and not get possesion
Offense - Defense offense because great offense beats any defense
Scoring Mentality - Pass First pass first because passing is contagious
Rebounding - Passing passing
Layups / Dunks - Jump Shoots/Pull Up Jumpers jump shot/pull up jumpers they are more hard to do and very effective
Inside Defense - Perimeter Defense perimeter defense
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Potential - Hard work...Hard

Potential - Hard work...Hard work
Speed - Strength...Speed
Dunk - 3 Point Shot...3 Point Shot
Ball Handling - Court Vision...Court Vision
Post Moves - Shooting...Shooting
Block - Steal...Block
Offense - Defense...Offense
Scoring Mentality - Pass First...Scoring Mentality
Rebounding - Passing...Rebounding
Layups / Dunks - Jump Shoots/Pull Up Jumpers...Jump Shoots/Pull Up Jumpers
Inside Defense - Perimeter Defense...Perimeter Defense
6th Man - Starter...Starter

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Potential - Hard work---Hard

Potential - Hard work---Hard work beats talent every time...

Speed - Strength---Speed, can't outmuscle what you can't contain (ex. Derek Fisher...need I say more)

Dunk - 3 Point Shot---Tough one, but I'll go for the one that has more point value.

Ball Handling - Court Vision---Ball-handling...have to dribble the ball to create easier scoring chances.

Post Moves - Shooting--Post moves...

Block - Steal---A steal is nearly guaranteeing a scoring chance, while blocks can go out or land in the offenses hands for an easy score for them...

Offense - Defense---Offense. Good offense can overmatch even the best D most times...

Scoring Mentality - Pass First--I'd prefer a scorer. You need more scorers than passers anyway to be successful.

Rebounding - Passing---Rebounding is more important in my eyes..

Layups / Dunks - Jump Shoots/Pull Up Jumpers---Layups and dunks represent easier scoring that' what I'll go with.

Inside Defense - Perimeter Defense---Offenses start on the perimeter, so perimeter D is more important.

6th Man - Starter---Starter, easily.

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