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omri casspi view

what think about this guy? he impressed me very much he is a forward with a smooth release and a great capacity to create shoots and make good and skilled plays after he show matururity and great number for a european rookie for me he ia a fernandez type of player but he will be very interesting and kings drafted a very good and skilled player
he has 16 double figures in 22 games 21 games like a bench player it is very good and he has 11.4 points 4.0 reb1.2ass and he Ranks #8 in the NBA in Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage (0.459) comments about the first israelian kid in nba

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i like him and he is only

i like him and he is only going to get better as he gets more accustomed to the nba game, play very good defence and has a good stroke.

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I watched the first half of

I watched the first half of the Kings Wizards game last night, and despite his slight build he is very tough and a fast player who can run a bit, shoot a high percentage and play hard on defense. He seems to be a pretty complete player and someone who is only going to get better. Him and Evans are a great rookie combo and really play well together.

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He is great.

One of most impressive areas of the Kings seems to be their drafting, which came through once again with Casspi. He has been playing better with every game and last night seemed to have fire in his eyes every time he got the ball, I think if he keeps playing with that kind of passion he will go places in the NBA. I cannot wait to see him play those type of minutes again.

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