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Dwyane opting for Bulls...

Tom Waddle: "What are the chances of you coming back to Chicago? Wade: "If I could say one thing I would say that I'm blessed to be in a position where I have options. I thank god for those options. 2010, free agency only comes up once so I'm going to make sure that I think about this and do it right. Of course I love Miami, this is where I built my career at. Chicago is always the place I'm from, there's going to be talk about that, of course, but right now I'm trying to do what I can to make sure that the team that I'm on be as good as we can be. When it's time for me to think about it, then I will do just that."

Coming into this upcoming off-season, my hope is that Gar Forman will be handing a ink pen to Wade, saying, "welcome home". There's no doubt, Bulls are the supremacy in Wade services. Once before, Wade walked the streets of Chicago with Jordan sneakers; idolizing the guy whom wore the number 23. Wade goes so far in imitating Jordan by modeling his walk on court and infectious personality off the court. So, of course, there's some intimacy poised in the air whenever he arrives on Madison Street to take on the Bulls cast. The 6'4'' Guard gets baited every time he stops by Chicago to chat with Radio personalities about potentially arriving on the West-side of Chicago next year as the savior for his childhood franchise. To no avail, Wade persistently leaves that dubious concept ajar, enough to feel the obvious sever across one's face. In my opinion, Wade is coming home and his background goes align with the prospects. "Flash" - his proclaimed nickname - is the most likely to leave to come to Chicago and gain the nudge over LeBron James in attraction. Can he put this respectable franchise back to topsoil... why not? He's a leader, thoroughbred scorer, topnotch defender, and the proximate to Michael Jordan. If you thought the $1.4 million Chicago townhouse being bought this summer was magnetizing attention by media outlets, well you're in for a novel ladies and gentlemen... wait until July 2010. Reporters are looking for the next big thing to hit the United Center. Fortunately, Wade helped Riley and the Miami fans get their championship. Ever since 2006, they've been mediocre. I think Riley understands that Wade is likely to leave and he's preparing for the worse. This is the early-on, Englewood resident, only chance to come home before his aging career is halted. In the back of his mind, Wade knows, that the juvenile whom set on the porch of 5901 S. Prairie for nine years has one more dream to confront. A man asked him during a recent questionnaire, "where do you see yourself in one more year?" Before stoic, now aroused by this question, Wade replied, "doing it all over again." The crowd roared with incitement as Wade's family looked around at each with a sense of security, as if they knew something that foreigners didn't. Factually, Wade has millions of fans standing around in a idle position; while most watch as this post Jordan era is about to start a new chapter. Though, there's been skepticism about Wade accompanying Rose because of their scoring characteristics. One would think it wouldn't work. Wade and Rose have the exact styles when it comes to attacking the rim fiercely; Its' origin started in Chi-town. Coincidence... absolutely not. These two guys are from Chicago and you see the exact parody played out every sensible day on Chicago playgrounds. The only difference is that these objects aren't established names like Wade and Rose. This particular style creates open opportunity for the other four on the court. You'll have to double Wade, which will leave a productive shooter in Deng open. Or, leaving Rose can be costly, due to the fact he likes embarrassing Centers off incised cuts. Summing it up, their parallel styles can coexist in the same back-court. Wade and Rose duo should hold much to desire. Superstars win; opportunities increases the possibility. I expect the coaching to contrive the best out of their talents. My Soothsayer: #45... in Bulls attire... electrifying... Who could it be?

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