Avery Bradley

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Avery Bradley

why no one talks about him. #1 recruit by ESPN had very bad season start but now looks very good scorer and still bad all around game... all in all i thought he will be a little better

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Hes on a superstacked and

Hes on a superstacked and veteran team....Its kind of refreshing to see a player like him fully embrace being a role player....I think even if hes a role player he should be a lottery pick because of his insane potential both ends...However, I would like to see him stay his sophmore year and show his ability to carry a team, If he had a Russell Westbrook like sophmore year...I could see him slipping in the top 5 next year, even with next years top heavy draft's picture
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I like his former teammate

I like his former teammate more, DJ Richardson. Don't sleep on Illinois.

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td8118 is right about Texas,

td8118 is right about Texas, but Bradley is averaging 11 points and shooting 40% from 3 with a steal and a half per game. I personally have only seen him play twice, but from what I've seen you can't say he's having a bad start, he is also competing for minutes with 2 other standout freshman Jordan Hamilton and J'Covan Brown. The three of them will probably be Texas starts and pg, sg, and sf next year, and Barnes is playing them sparinlgly to start off the year, but when you have 3 freshman averaging over 10 for the #2 team in the country it doesn't make much sense to say any one of them are having a bad start, especially Bradley who I think is the best of the group.

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