unique - choose between

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unique - choose between

I thought about this earlier today but, who would you choose between the two

bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash (dal) 01-02

kidd (nets) 01-02 or Iverson(philly) 00-01

nash (suns) 05-06 or Paul (hornets) 07-08

kobe (lakers) 05-06 or wade(heat) 08-09

howard(magic) 08-09 or Shaq(lakers) 99-00

duncan(spurs) 02-03 or Garnett 02-03... or03-04...or 04-05 haha

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bibby but it is

bibby but it is close
Iverson, he was amazing that year
paul, should have been mvp that year
Kobe, how many straight 40 point games
Shaq, better foot work
Garnett, i hate it when people say duncan is the best pf of all time he isn't the best in his time.

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bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash

bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash (dal) 01-02: tie, dont really know them that well back in the day

kidd (nets) 01-02 or Iverson(philly) 00-01: AI, he is sick.

nash (suns) 05-06 or Paul (hornets) 07-08: Paul, he is the best PG in the game since his 2nd season

kobe (lakers) 05-06 or wade(heat) 08-09: Kobe, I think it was the year he scored 81..(right?)

howard(magic) 08-09 or Shaq(lakers) 99-00: SHAQ, no contest

duncan(spurs) 02-03 or Garnett 02-03... or03-04...or 04-05 haha: tie, both are amazing

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bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash

bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash (dal) 01-02--Gotta go Bibby here...the Dallas Mavs' Nash was considered a combo guard and wasn't nearly what he is today. Bibby was the clutch leader of a team that probably should've been in the Finals.

kidd (nets) 01-02 or Iverson(philly) 00-01---Iverson was simply unbelievable that year. He was the best player in basketball hands down IMO that year, and single-handledly got Philly to the Finals.

nash (suns) 05-06 or Paul (hornets) 07-08--Chris Paul. Nash's season was great that year, but Paul was playing out of his head 2 years back and was the MVP...Idc what the record books say lol.

kobe (lakers) 05-06 or wade(heat) 08-09---Kobe. He scored 81 that year. He was putting up almost 40 a night...

howard(magic) 08-09 or Shaq(lakers) 99-00---Shaq. As dominant as Howard was last year, he wasn't quite on Shaq's level.

duncan(spurs) 02-03 or Garnett 02-03... or03-04...or 04-05 haha--Duncan. He was the most solid player in the game then, and they got a ring because of it.

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bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash

bibby (sac) 01-02 or nash (dal) 01-02: Bibby. Like iguodala9 said, he was clutch and displayed great leadership qualities. If it wasn't for the refs circle-jerking the Lakers during game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, then the Kings would have won.

kidd (nets) 01-02 or Iverson(philly) 00-01: Iverson: Nash was a more efficient player, but he wasn't on Iverson's level that year.

nash (suns) 05-06 or Paul (hornets) 07-08: Paul, then and now.

kobe (lakers) 05-06 or wade(heat) 08-09: Kobe, wasn't that the season he hung 81 on the Raptors?

howard(magic) 08-09 or Shaq(lakers) 99-00: Shaq was an absolute BEAST during the 99-00 season.

duncan(spurs) 02-03 or Garnett 02-03... or03-04...or 04-05 haha: Garnett. Everybody talks about how Duncan has had more success than Garnett, but Duncan also had more help. You can't win a championship by yourself. Garnett was the better all-around player. He had more range on his jumper, better handles and better athleticism.

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bibby, mr. clutch that

bibby, mr. clutch that year
iverson, he dragged that 76ers team kicking and screaming to the finals
paul, should've won mvp
kobe, neither team was great but kobe was more dominant
shaq, are you kidding? this isn't even a debate. he was unstopable at this point
duncan. who has more rings? the spurs organization does deserve some credit though for giving him talent to play with although garnett couldn't make it past a dysfunctional lakers team in 04 with his "talented" supporting cast

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1-Real close. That was

1-Real close. That was Bibby's break out year and before nash was ever considered a mvp candidate. Bibby was huge hitting shots, but nash was then and always the better true pg and distributor. Bibby played off of his teammates passing and running the offense where all he had to do was catch and shoot. Could go with either guy here, I'll go ahead and take Bibby.

2-Iverson over Kidd. BUt only slightly. that was both of their primes and they were just very different players. But Iverson could take over games a little better, so I'll go with him.

3-Nash or Paul, gotta go with Paul. Nash was great, but he really benefitted from a system that was catered to him and his style. Paul was the system and the better overall player. Actually, Nash has had a couple seasons that were better then the year he won his first mvp.

4-KObe in his best individual year. What did you think I was gonna say. He was on another planet that year.

5-Shaq or Dwight, uhmm this isn't even a question. Anyone who takes Dwight from any point in his career over a prime Shaq doesn't know what they are talking about.

6-Duncan was pretty much better then KG almost every year where both guys were healthy. Both great players, but Duncan was more of a go to player and focal point on offense. Even at KG's best, he was like a scottie pippen on steroids. Great at everything except being the consistent go to player who could draw double teams and take over down the stretch.

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