the elephants in the room

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the elephants in the room

We all know wade, james and bosh are the talks of next summers free agency.

I feel like a few players should be talked about more...consider this free agency could be deeper than people really think....

this list is just unrestricted free agents and players with ETO

joe johnson.
ray allen
paul pierce has an ETO..will he stay? i wouldn't count anything to be for certain....but doubt he'll leave.
tyson chandler has an ETO..depends on the bobcats season..he needs a contender (AGE)
john salmons has an ETO..if he terminates his deal early.. it gives the bulls many options..
leon powe....i really hope he goes somewhere where he'll get plenty of playing time. get healthy!!!!
Dirk nowitzki has an ETO...this really depends on the mav's postseason....he wants a ring bad...
josh howard.
kenyon martin has an ETO...most likely won't leave. $$$$
tracy mcgrady.....
yao ming has an ETO...doubt he'll leave....
marcus camby.....
craig smith...
udonis haslem
jermaine o'neal
michael redd has an ETO..
luke ridnour
hakeem warrick
joe alexander...
rafer alston...
peja stojakovic has an ETO..
al harrington
david lee
anthony johnson
amar'e stoudamire has an ETO...
steve blake
travis outlaw
the vanilla gorilla...(przybilla) has an ETO
manu ginobli
richard jefferson has an ETO..
roger mason
carlos boozer
korver ( the kid from that 70's show... haha )
brenden haywood
mike miller

that's quite a it not? that be's a lot of elephants in the room...i must say.

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Are you including Rudy Gay

Are you including Rudy Gay with James and co.? Or did you just forget he will be a free agent as well?

You are completely right though this is a deep free agency list with vets that can help out a Championship team or even looking to build if you have the money for a player like Gay.

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rudy gay is restricted. is

rudy gay is restricted. is this list restricted or non restricted or both?

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he will be restricted. this list is mainly of unrestricted or players with ETO..

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i would say 90% of the

i would say 90% of the players will stay with there respective teams, i don't think any of the huge names will leave but some on that list will.
You forgot Nate Robinson

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also forgeting

Half of the NETS roster!

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