Adelman rips NBA's ridiculous schedules

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Adelman rips NBA's ridiculous schedules

HOUSTON (AP) -- Houston Rockets coach Rick Adelman criticized the NBA on Monday for setting up an "utterly ridiculous" schedule for his team that includes four back-to-back games over the next two weeks.

The Rockets face Detroit at home on Tuesday, then must fly to Denver to play the first-place Nuggets on Wednesday. They visit Dallas on Friday and return home to face Oklahoma City on Saturday -- then have to play two games on consecutive nights twice more during Christmas week.

"We have a horrendous stretch here," Adelman said. "I don't know if the league really understands that they gave us four straight back-to-backs. It's awful."

Houston plays the Los Angeles Clippers at home on Dec. 22 and Orlando on the road on Dec. 23, followed by road games against New Jersey (Dec. 26) and Cleveland (Dec. 27).

"It's utterly ridiculous," Adelman said. "But that's the schedule we have, it's just the way it is and we're just going to have to respond to it."

Adelman said the schedule gives his team little time to practice, and even less time to spend with their families for the holiday.

"Every team should have a chance where they're home a little bit," he said. "We have no chance. This is the most ridiculous schedule I've ever seen."

The Rockets are 5-0 in the second games of back-to-backs this season, but 1-4 in the first games. They have 10 road games in December, but by the All-Star break, they will have played 26 road games and 25 at home.

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It is ridiculous, it's

It is ridiculous, it's unheard of...Seriously man...That's a tough stretch for my team. Looking forward to the challenge though

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It is a very ridiculous and

It is a very ridiculous and biased schedule. Look no further than the Lakers who have only played like 3 games on the road. The Raptors have played about 3 games more than any other team and have the most back to backs this season. Stupid David Stern.

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the lakers have only played

the lakers have only played 5 road games so far which is unusual, but what goes around comes around. They will be playing a lot of road games coming up including tonight at chicago.

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