Best Franchise Big Man

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Best Franchise Big Man

I am not a Boston fan but it has to be KG. He does things that dont always show up on the stat sheet. Close second is Duncan. CB4, Amare, Dirk,Howard, Gasol are all great but have deeper flaws and not as versitle

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has a limited role in the celtics system, hes not relied on offensively, he is a natural defensive presence but he isnt their primary offensive his age, hes nowhere near the franchise big man that dirk nowitzki or chris bosh is

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i think dirk is the best big

i think dirk is the best big right now. But you could argue for KG, duncan, Gasol, Bosh and Dwight. In fact someone else just created this very same thread earlier.

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I have to go with Tim, he

I have to go with Tim, he has the rings (plural) to prove he is an elite PF and arguably the greatest of All-Time at that position.

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Duncan: because of all he

Duncan: because of all he has accomplished, greatest power forward ever

Gasol: The best big man in the game at the moment imo

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