Lil early

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Lil early

i think some people here are so quick to write players off as a bust its crazy.
My boy thabeet has gotten 5 blks against miami and 4 against, in around 20 mins a game
thabeet was drafted for defense, and hes defending, dont expect much for offense yet.

Is anyone with me on him not being the bust everyone thought he was?

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well, he can defenitely

well, he can defenitely block shots. But what else? Number 2 pick is kinda high for just that. He also doesn't play with overpowering physicality on either end of the court. But I did see him not only block shots, but alter some shots as well. Ray threw up a quick floater that missed when he saw Thabeet coming over.

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not sure why people are

not sure why people are calling him a was understood that he was gonna be very raw on offense and not do much and that he was brought in to block shots and rebound

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I dont think he is a bust ,

I dont think he is a bust , it is just that B Jennings is making Gm's look like fools. Conley wasnt a superstar in college, he had a lot of talent around him.

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I for 1 never thought he'll

I for 1 never thought he'll be a bust..I felt picking him at number 2 was way too high...I knew he had limited offensive skills....During the june draft,i was hoping they'd chose Jennings or Evans....Conley has been playing a little better lately..But for them to really reach that next level..They need a better playmaker..Thabeet fits whut the Grizzlies needed..And thats a defensive presence in the middle....His shot blocking ability makes the other team players think twice about entering the paint....

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