Jonathan Bender

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Jonathan Bender

I read on The Daily that the Knicks have signed Jonathan Bender to a contract.
Remember he was drafted by Indiana when Walsh was there.
What do you guys thing about this move, he is a good guy but does he have anything left in him.
28 years old 7 foot small forward.

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He wasn't drafted by Indiana.
He was drafted 5th overall by Toronto, and traded to Indiana for Antonio Davis.
Just correcting to avoid misinforming people

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dont expect much out of him

dont expect much out of him this year.he wasnt doing awhole lot when he was in top shape so peopel shouldnt expect much now since he hasn't played against this type of comp in years.

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Probably not too much this

Probably not too much this season. It's awfully hard to jump back into NBA competition when you have been out of it for a few years. I wish him all of the best though because he still has quite a bit of potential and probably still has a nice jumper so he will be a able to contribute in spurts.

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