what players would you cpompare Butlers Shelvin Mack,Gordan Hayward,Matt Howard to?

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what players would you cpompare Butlers Shelvin Mack,Gordan Hayward,Matt Howard to?

your opinions would be appreciated

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This Butler team will

This Butler team will surprise a few teams come tournament time and become a final 4 team....Hayward i think will be a top 20 pick...If he came out this year..He was a 6 foot guard in high school ..But grew 8 inches in 2 years...The reason u havent seen him on draft boards is becuz must experts believe he'll remain in college his entire 4 years...But i think he's ready now..If i compared him to a former NBA player it'll be Danny Ainge...But a bit more athletic than Ainge was....When i 1st saw Howard play..I was blown away with his post skills...Its hard to gage where he might go in the draft...It'll depend on whut team really likes him..He could be a late 1st round , middle of the 2nd round or go completely undrafted...But i do think he has the skills to play in the league...

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These aren't perfect

These aren't perfect comparisons but they are in the neighborhood:

Matt Howard- Carl Landry (Purdue, Houston Rockets)

Gordon Hayward- Demetris Nichols (Syracuse) Hayward is a better passer though.

Shelvin Mack- Joe Crawford (Kentucky) 

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Shelvin Mack-I like the Joe

Shelvin Mack-I like the Joe Crawford comparison

Gordan Hayward- Adam Morrison (the LA Laker version)

Matt Howard- Mark Madsen

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