College Hoops Rankings Week 5

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College Hoops Rankings Week 5

King of Tha Blurbz.

Top 25 Dec. 13th/Week 5

1) Kansas 9-0 (1): Elite PG? Sherron Collins. Check. Elite wing? Xavier Henry. Check. Elite big man? Cole Aldrich. Check. With depth on the bench, to boot, Rock Chalk Jayhawk remains the favorite to win the NCAA title. 1st in average scoring margin. Watch out for Jerry Springer degenerates at The Wheel.

2) Texas 8-0 (2): The Longhorns are the 2nd half of the Big 12’s 1-2 punch. High flying Damion James has been averaging a double-double as a 6-7 swingman. Pittman has been doing some damage down low, and the young guards, Brown, Bradley, and Hamilton are all contributing. Will Tim Tebow U transfer Jai Lucas step in and solidify the point guard position? Texas has yet to be tested with a legit opponent this year. 2nd in average scoring margin.

3) Kentucky 10-0 (3): The best pure talent you can find in the nation is likely to be had in the Bluegrass/Fried Collard Greens/Incest FTW State. We’re talking about five future 1st rounders, boys and girls, led by 2010 #1 pick, John “From the Windows to the” Wall. The man can do it all, and I actually feel he’s more polished and is a truer point guard than ex-Caliparian Derrick Rose. Combo guard Eric Bledsoe and PF DeMarcus Cousins are two of the best freshmen in the nation outside of Wall and Kansas stud, Xavier Henry.

4) Syracuse 10-0 (5): People weren’t expecting much out of The Apricot – post Flynn/Prince Paul/Thugendorf. I’m a fan of low expectations myself; blame my conditioning. But in this case, they weren’t warranted, because Jimmy Boeheim has exceeded even the former few and far fanciful pink-hat wearing dreams of a veritable Pokemaster. I’m not sure why Arinze Onuaku decided to stop rebounding, but that’s okay because Rick Jackson has been doing well on the boards, and Wesley Johnson has been doing everything imaginable to the fullest, including some Potterian Witchcraft and Wizardry, I suppose. Welcome to the lottery, my friend. Scoop Jardine and Brandon Triche have been better than expected – back to the dreaded, oft-fallible expectations. Shucks. 3rd in average scoring margin.

5) Purdue 9-0 (4): Undefeated and led by three wholesome juniors who are good for about 15 PPG. Don’t forget about, IMO, (and Jimmy Dykes’ opinion, too) the best cover defender in the nation, Chris Kramer/Kringle.

6) North Carolina 8-2 (6): The Marlboro Men may have a lot of outwardly anorexic fellows, but they always seem to find themselves in the Final Four, and they have victories over Ohio State and Michigan State to their name. Nearly beat Kentucky, too.

7) Florida 8-1 (7): Wins over Florida State and Michigan State. Don’t know much about these fellows, but their resume is looking nice come SEC time.

8) Michigan State 8-2 (8): Sparty may be the #1 team in the nation when it’s all said and done at the conclusion of March Madness/early April Archery. Only MSU can match Kansas for quality depth at each position – Lucas and Lucious at the point, Summers, Morgan, and Allen at the wing, and Green and Roe down low. Hawt Deeeeeyum. H-to-tha-Izzo.

9) Georgetown 8-0 (14): Hoya Paranoia wasn’t even in my top 30 three weeks ago. Lulz. Shame on me. Crafty Princeton style offense and penetrating defense is what’s goin’ down in the District. Greg Monroe is putting up big numbers in the post.

10) West Virginia 7-0 (11): Here’s another Big East team that I sorely under-rated going into the season. I still may be sippin’ too much haterade on the Fighting Bob Hugginses. We shall find out. #7 in Assist/Turnover ratio and #5 in scoring defense. That’s called discipline, son. Only reservation is their lack of a true post player.

11) Duke 7-1 (9): Very well-rounded team. There’s finally some talent down low, led by Miles Plumlee. Huge match at Cameron Indoor against Gonzaga.

12) Tennessee 7-1 (10): Bruce Pearl’s Volunteering Creamsickles are oozing talent, size, and athleticism at the wing – Hopson, Smith, Tatum, and Maze – a Final Four run is going to require some major stepping up from Wayne Chism and whoever is manning the point.

13) Ohio State 7-2 (13): tOSU lost to Butler yesterday, but it’s hard to penalize them, on account of a “Brokeback” Naismith Player of the Year candidate, Evan Turner. His back is actually broken, folks. Don’t be crude and insensitive now.

14) Illinois 8-2 (15): Ill-In-Wah struggled in a two game stretch against Utah and Bradley, but I’m chalking that up as a fluke. This team has way too much talent for those kinds of shenanigans. All five starters are averaging 11 PPG or more, homie. In the last two weeks, the Fighting Illini have beaten Clemson on the road and Vandy at home. Top 15 in rebounding and A/T ratio.

15) New Mexico 10-0 (25): Highest ranked mid-major right here, courtesy of the Fighting UFO spotters. Undefeated. Wins over Cal and Texas A&M. Two guys averaging 17 PPG. Two guys averaging 7 RPG. Two Guys averaging 4 APG. What’s not to like? ESPN/CBS/FSN/WE/Animal Planet, put them on TV. Squaring off with unbeaten Texas Tech later this month.

16) Kansas State 9-1 (27): Lost to Ole Miss by 12 early in Rich Port, but their last three 15+ point victories over Washington State, Xavier, and UNLV are extremely impressive. Dynamic guard play out of Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente.

17) Texas Tech 9-0 (16): TT. Shoot ‘em up, Suge Knight style. Read New Mexico blurb.

18) Villanova 9-1 (12): Most overrated team in the nation. Don’t be fooled by a fluke Final Four visit. That’s all.

19) Mississippi 8-1 (26): Ole Miss lost to ‘Nova a few weeks ago, which is not a bad loss by any means. I love their double digit win over Kansas State. Dynamic guard play, too, out of Chris Warren and Terrico White, a future first rounder.

20) Minnesota 7-3 (18): Bad Thanksgiving holiday stretch, but I still believe in Tubby. I’m not sure if it this ranking is warranted, because I may be possessing a favorable bias towards the Gophers, because of my affection for the glorious state of Minnesota.

21) Gonzaga 8-2 (19): The Wake loss isn’t too bad, because Wake could emerge as a top 25 team later in the season, and the Zags’ second best player, German freshman Elias Harris, was ejected in the 1st half for taking a cheap shot at Chas McFarland. Playing at Duke this Saturday. Solid starting lineup, but poor depth.

22) Seton Hall 8-0 (NR): The Hall, baby. Who would’ve thunk it? East Jersey, baby. Tans and tanks. They have even been known to swim in Jaeger Bombs. Sure, they’ve played a cupcake schedule, but they kill everybody (7th in average scoring margin). 1st in scoring and 3rd in rebounding, the dreadful state of New Jersey finally has some quality hoops on their hand. Jeremy Hazell and Herb Pope are throwin’ down some silly numbers.

23) Connecticut 6-2 (20): Played a tight match with Kentucky. Haven’t really beaten anyone worthy, yet. Great starting lineup. Poor bench.

24) Washington 6-2 (17): I also love the glorious state of Washington, but I don’t trust this team a whole lot. They love squirting, and they really only have two reliable players, albeit extremely reliable. The English/British Matthew Bryan- Amaning needs to show some desire, and hopefully Abdul Gaddy will live up to his billing as the #2 national point guard recruit, class of 2009, after John Wall.

25) Georgia Tech 6-1 (30): Resume is not impressive so far, but this is the type of team that has limitless potential. Their five best players are all highly athletic former 4/5 star prospects. Watch out for 6-9 4’s Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors down low. Both guys are going to be 1st rounders, and Favors could go #2 after Wall.

26) Temple 8-2 (NR): Shout out to Killadelphia. This team has beaten Vanillanova and nearly defeated Georgetown at DC. #5 in A/TO ratio and #1 in scoring defense.

27) Cincinnati 6-2 (22): Double digit wins over Vanderbilt and Maryland. Only blemishes are in OT to Gonzaga and Xavier. Gates, Stephenson, and Vaughn are a nice trio.

28) Texas A&M 8-2 (23): Wins over Clemson and Minnesota. Both losses were close and were to current top 15 squads.

29) Memphis 7-1 (NR): Would be undefeated right now had they squirted by #1 Kansas on neutral territory. A bunch of guys chip in, but Duke 5-star transfer Eliot Williams is flat-out dominating. Looking forward to Tennessee on The Eve of the New Year.

30) Oklahoma 7-3 (29): This ranking is almost exclusively a product of Boomer Sooner’s potential. That starting five is loaded with insane talent – combo guard Willie Warren is a conceited fellow, but he can walk the walk. Tony Crocker provides much-needed experience and versatility. Keith “Tiny” Gallon and Tommy Mason-Griffin are two top notch freshmen who have been rebounding and manning the point, respectively, exceptionally well. All starters were 4/5-star recruits. @ Gonzaga five days after Kwanzaa.

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Florida is one of my

Florida is one of my favorite teams but I don't think they are the 7th best team in the nation.

Tennessee is the team you have to watch out for in March. Potential final 4 team easily. They have a lot of experience & they are well coached.

Seton Hall is off to a really impressive start. Herb Pope is a monster, he is averaging a double double. I'm surprised he isn't on the mock drafts yet to be honest. I think he has some pro potential. Some other guard, Jackson scored 40 points the other night. Seton Hall has a variety of scorers. Hazell is always dangerous. 

Overall I like these rankings.  I take it you aren't a big Villanova fan haha.

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I said that Kansas State was

I said that Kansas State was going to be 3rd in the Big 12, and I got killed for it....he who lasughs last laughs the hardest. Bold prediction: Kansas State will be the 1st team to beat Kansas this season.

Seton Hall was a projected Big East and tourny sleeper by me as well, Pope has been a monster and Hazzell is an electric shooter/scorer. And their transfers and the steady floor general Eugene Harvey, they have a team that's exciting and could make noise in the tourny. Just need to defend better.

Ole Miss has great guard play. Kansas State knows this 1st hand haha. I love Warren, White and Polynice on the perimeter. Possible Sweet 16 team?? I think so, good defenders and offense.

Villanova is better than 18th. Look for them to make the Elite 8. Guards are too experienced and good.

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but the big 12 season hasnt

but the big 12 season hasnt started yet. out of conference teams aren't big 12 teams

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No one's ripped me on my rankings, yet. haha

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