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"ChiXclusive: Laying the Soil for Rose."

"What would happen if Chicago Bulls got the number one overall pick?"

1.) Bulls acquire O.J. Mayo and Carroll for John Salmons and rights to number one overall pick.

2.) Bulls acquire Danny Granger and Troy Murphy for Loul Deng, Jerome James, and rights to number one overall pick.

3.) Bulls acquire Greg Oden for Jerome James and rights to number one overall pick.

Getting the number one overall pick, I actually like that possibility and for some reason Bulls always have luck going into the lottery. Sometimes, Bulls selections are odious. In 2002, Chicago Bulls went with Jay Williams and we all know how that ended, prematurely. Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer was available at second overall, but no!!! At the moment, Bulls could sure use one of their lending hands. In advance, Rudy Gay was available in the 2006 NBA Draft and Bulls went with the LSU product, Tyrus Thomas. Still, I'm high on Tyrus Thomas. I think, once he return, we're going to see a player on a mission. Lets take a brief moment and go over this topic. O.J. Mayo is that rare Shooting Guard, that got it, from the start. His rookie year, O.J. Mayo felt the 19 point average was justified by itself, despite not winning the R.O.Y.. Derrick Rose would relish a opportunity to have O.J. Mayo alongside him. If it were to happen, can you imagine how hasty Bulls would improve? No one is arguing about the fact Bulls need to start from scratch, and get Rose some updated features. Loul Deng is one of those players that requires too much maintenance. At the snap of a finger, a wise GM would trade him and the potential number one pick for Danny Granger. The NBA these days have shooters, but not the kind that are blessed with athleticism. Danny Granger is one of those players that you won't know about. It's hard to explain his skills. His stroke is pure, lots of energy, his points' average and percentages tells the whole story. Now, onto the Midway Beast, Greg Oden, a guy that can't seem to stay away from the doctors' office. You want shot-blocking, intimidation, and what Memphis Grizzlies' GM thought he was getting out of Hasheem Thabeet? You'll get more, if Oden stays away from the surgery room. A buddy of mind threw the concept of Joakim Noah and Greg Oden appearing on the same court, with twin jerseys. I thought about it and it didn't take long for me to say, 'o.k.'. What's the worse that can happen, Greg Oden goes down again and Joakim Noah starts to vent by drinking 'Wild Irish Rose', during the season? With all seriousness, like any other Rose, you have to lay the foundation so it can prosper and that notion applies to this Rose!

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1 and 3 defenitely sound

1 and 3 defenitely sound bad. 2 is kinda decent.

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