Rudy Gay

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Rudy Gay

Did anyone see how well he played against miami?

he made HIGHLIGHT REEL DUNKS...imo they were awesome....his best was marc gasol's outlet to mayo at the 3pt mayo caught and set up an ally oop with gay before he landed back to the floor. Rudy also achieved a new career high of 41 points!

he looked like a leader that game. after the first quarter, miami was throwin double teams on him constantly whenever he got the ball.

His chemistry with his teammates looked very good. He and mayo celebrated together a lot...yet people on here were jumping that bandwagon of " may and gay don't get along. " - So keep up the nasty gossip you hear about, and i'll watch the grizzlies grow usual.

As a grizzly fan, this season is looking good....even at 10-13, i'm impressed with their play in an extremely competitive west conference.

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I'm glad

I own him in fantasy

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rudy gay is

rudy gay is very good hope he stays in memphis so him and ojmayo can be a one two punch

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he is playing in a contract

he is playing in a contract year so he is bound to put up great stats. we'll see next year when he gets a deal what happens.

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Wolves will sign him to max

Wolves will sign him to max contract, just watch.

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if memphis

could get their hands on a solid PG and move conley to the bench, and perhaps add a decent defensive player they are easily a playoff team in my mind

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i liked the one dribble

i liked the one dribble double clutch on an outlet from thabeet i believe. in any case he made the heat look silly, if he keeps this up no question he will recieve many max contract offers this offseason

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Max Contract

I'm going to assume the Wolves will Ink him at around 13-15 Million next year if he keeps this up. And if they Wolves get a guy like Wes Johnson or Evan Turner in the draft, watch out out everyone.

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Its a WASTE of money to sign

Its a WASTE of money to sign Gay to a max contract... The NBA is getting crazy, max contracts should be for franchise players and Rudy Gay is NOT a franchise player...

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exactly billy. thats why i

exactly billy. thats why i think the grizz will resign him

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