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"ChiXclusive: A dosage of Rose."

June of 2008, Chicago Bulls selected a kid whom grew up not to far from the United Center, Derrick Rose. Derrick, known as Pooh, had been displaying his natural gifts - speed, quickness, and vision - since he attended Beasley elementary on the south-side of Chicago. Derrick Rose often recalls his first time dunking a basketball, at the age of 13, during a game at Beasley. The Lunchroom staff, mostly women, rejoice as this timid kid whom cried during lost games, floated through the air. That predator approach made him famous, which he credits to his upbringing in Chicago. Later, he carried that flair to Simeon, where he topped his last season with 25.2 points, 9.1 rebounds, 8.8 assists and 3.4 steals. On going, surprisingly, Derrick Rose left Simeon and joined the Memphis Tigers, not the Illinois Fighting Illini. To no surprise, Pooh continued his success by making his nature known widely, averaging nearly 15 points and 5 assist, ending the season with two loses on the record. That history making accomplishment speaks volume about the shy Chicagoan, the only thing that matters to him is winning, as he says in 2007, "it made me happy when all the others got the attention." Well, presently, things haven't been so serene for his childhood franchise. His passive nature has caught major criticism, as of late. Many cynics misinterpret his altruist genes as being unskilled, which is poor observation and unawareness of his career. I've had the luxury of following Rose for some years and what glares about him is unselfishness. You'll notice, like many scouts did, Rose scored only 2 points in his last high-school game against O'Fallon. “I didn’t care about points tonight, I wanted all the other seniors to score,” Rose said, back in 2007. Though, he did have a handful of assist and rebounds. In perspective, that just goes to show you how rare his game is, to have star abilities but prefer others to shine. Wow! Bulls documented loses this year is an result of Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, not Derrick Rose. He has persistently held Bulls back from competing on the next level. Once rumored, he decline to pay Michael Jordan his deserving salary, later a resolution was reached. Reinsdorf had a chance to trade for Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Kevin Garnett within these past four years. In the end, rumors surfaced that he declined because of their salary demands. This past off-season he didn't resign Ben Gordon, Bulls former leading scorer - he's actually 6'2'' and plays shaggy defense... so what. Fact is, Ben Gordon probably is the best shooter in the league, every two games throughout the season. That departure has resulted in Derrick Rose playing with poor collaborators and Vinny Del Negro creating limited schemes. Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah are the same type of players for the most part, which effects Derrick Rose's assist. Why is Derrick Rose in the pick-in-roll with Noah or Thomas, when 'defenses' are going to double Rose 100% of the time? Now, being Rose is unselfish, this is how Rose usually get taken out of games. You have Tyrus Thomas shooting 17 footers; Kirk Hinrich shooting that flat shot; Loul Deng shooting his patented mid-range jumper. Bulls won't win and can't win with this roster. Why does Derrick Rose have John Salmons, the "Window-Peeper" (watch a Bulls game and observe as he catches and holds the ball on the perimeter) alongside of him? Can Loul Deng start on the roster, in the future? I doubt it. He's essentially too complex and high maintenance. Why is Kirk Hinrich valued more than he should be? These are the questions that will continue to hamper Rose's Superstar potential. In order for him to be great, like [Jason]Kidd, you need to put the right assembly around him. I view Rose like this - if I may use this analogy - he's a pulchritudinous Jewel box with leveled decks. In order to get all the treasure, you need to unlock the gaps. Coach Calipari summed it up, "[GM]Paxson and others has to rework the team around Derrick and rightfully so." I agree with that notion Calipari made.. If not, then you're basically setting him and the fans in position to stay bothered. So... critics... fans... just stay patients because it's a long season. I'm not sure what the nation expected, but Rose probably will shape-up to be a 20 point and 10 assist player. In my book, Derrick Rose will be in the H.O.F..

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