Matt Bouldin

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Matt Bouldin

Have you heard of him? He is a PG/SG for Gonzaga. He is a NBA talent I think. He has a great jumper with range as well. He can play both PG and SG very good. He is a Senior so I am expecting him to put his name in the draft this year. I think he is a early to mid second round pick. Teams that could use him are Minnesota, Sacramento or Utah.

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good post

I have noticed this kid every time i watch Gonzaga, he is gonna make for a nice 2nd round pick.

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I also like Bouldin's

I also like Bouldin's game..He's a big point guard..thats shoots the ball well..and he's relentless at attacking the basket..But where does Gonzaga keep finding white boys that hate getting haircuts? hahaha....They also have a 7 footer Thats going to blossom into a legit nba prospect..I think his name is Sacre...If he stays another year at Gonzaga and continue to work on his game..He's going to be a top 5 pick in 2011

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