Trade Machine: Thunder-Sixers Trade

Nick Collison + Ethan Thomas + 2010/2011 2nd round Pick = Elton Brand

The Thunder get a much needed inside presence. I see the Thunder a playoff team if ever they could get this trade. If not, they could enter the playoff picture in 2-3 years. The Sixers would get an expiring contract and a good role player in Collison. Elton Brand is getting payed big but not playing as payed. He's not the Brand we used to see average a double double. I see the Sixers giving him up and try to develop Speights.

Projected Starters

Thunder: Westbrook, Sefolosha, Durant, Brand, Krstic

Sixers: Iverson,Iguodala,Young,Speights,Dalembert.

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Makes sense but if this

Makes sense but if this trade were to happen what would the thunder do with up and coming rookie harden and soon to be allstar green

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green will not be an allstar

green will not be an allstar

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I doubt it

I don't like this trade because it would ruin the cohesiveness of this unit. I think the Thunder are fine their role players at the moment. This team is built for the long haul. They don't want a 6-9 power forward who is wearing down as the season goes on. They might as well draft a guy like Patrick Patterson, DeMarcus Cousins, or Ed Davis that can be their future at the position. This team has a bright future and they don't need to ruin it by making this trade.

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