Injuries good for Houston?

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Injuries good for Houston?

I really think that if Yao and McGrady didn't go out we would never really no names like Budinger, Landry, Anderson. Aaron Brooks and Trevor Ariza would've never taken over.
What do you think?

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Kind of Agree

I kind of agree with that statement. I think it has given a lot of guys the chance to step up and develop because of the injuries to Yao and Tracy, but I think this team would be a contending team if Yao and McGrady were healthy. Most of these guys were drafted and signed to complement the games of those two stars. I think a guy like Budinger would still be getting time, but not as much. Brooks would still have the occasional high scoring night, but not as many. Landry has been scoring well since he got there, but not at this rate because he never got this many touches. Obviously they are moving on from McGrady, but I think it's a given that Yao will be back next year and hopefully healthy.

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I agree they would be a

I agree they would be a title team with Yao and T Mac happy and it should be a sure thing now to some degree with the development of their younger players but I don't see T Mac fitting in right now but Yao would definite help this gritty team get better because you would shore up your bench and help give Ariza who is shooting well from deep better looks with a post prescence.

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Injuries are never good, but

Injuries are never good, but I agree with doubledribbler 100%.

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i agree they would be in the

i agree they would be in the hunt for unseating the lake show with a healthy mcgrady and yao

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