Best PG for NYK

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Best PG for NYK

Who are the top 5 point guards for the Knicks?? Im not worried about whether or not they can get them or whether or not they would go. I just wanna know who, in the entire NBA, would be the best fit.

1. Derron Williams - He gets the nod over CP3 and Steve Nash as my number 1 point guard because he can do it all. He is young, physical, deadly, and a threat from anywhere. Also, he is a great set up man.

2. Steve Nash - Because of obvious reasons, he won 2 MVP awards in this system.

3. Chris Paul - He is a little behind because it isnt exactly his style to shoot lots of threes. He would be fantastic with the wide open system and the pick and roll.

4. Brandon Jennings - A wide open system with lots of shot opportunities and pick and rolls. They were terrible for passing on him.

5. Krik Hinrich - Natural leader with great range and set up ability. More shots for him would benefit everyone on his team.

Who are your top 5?

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In the 7SoL'll

In the 7SoL'll be hard to vote for anyone besides Steve Nash

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Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings for simply passing on him in the 2009 NBA Draft... He would have fit well for New York... Such a miss... A miss big time... The Knicks were drafting like Shaq's shooting from the foul line... Jennings' speed and leadership would be a huge upgrade over Chris Duhon... But the PG list you have 8 is something the Knicks fans could only salivate for... At least for now...

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