Grangers injury good for Pacers?

I can't help but feel that Granger's injury has been a positive. It will let him fully heal as he hasn't been fully healthy so far this season and it also allows other Pacers to show how good they really are.

Hansbrough is starting to look more comfortable and Dunleavy is playing well also.

What do you guys think?

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it never helps

to lose your best player. He wasnt doing too bad before this latest injury.
The Pacers last two wins are against the Nets and the Wiz, but they also went on a five game winning streak when Murphy got hurt earlier.
Tyler and Mike are playing well of late, but TJ Ford doesnt look comfortable running the team. They'll need a new pg before they can take the next step.

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PG has been the issue for

PG has been the issue for the last two years as far as i'm concerned. TJ isn't the right type of player to fit the Pacers offense, someone like Nelson or Arenas would be a far better fit for them. I still can't believe thay gave up Bayless he would have been perfect.

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