RIP is back!

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RIP is back!

finally after being out for 6 weeks is back and looking good 18 pts2 reb 2 stl and knocked down big three to keep the pistons ahead and to the win for there 6 straight win after there 7 game losing streak hopefully we can get tayshaun back in the next few weeks and they could easily get 6 seed with the raps wizards bulls and sixers not playing up to expectations plus we will get ben gordon and will bynum back for tuesday against rockets and that will be an interesting game

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I agree if Detroit can get
I agree if Detroit can get healthy & stay that way then they will definitely make the playoffs.
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i think they would make the

i think they would make the playoffs but if i was them i would try to move rip, i love his game but he is old and they are rebuilding.

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I heard Tayshaun could be

I heard Tayshaun could be coming back any day now.

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the last thing i wanna see

the last thing i wanna see is rip coming back... they need to sick with a 3 gaurd rotation of stuckey bynum and ben gordon.... rip needs to be moved asap... (bring in boozer plz...)

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