Time for changes

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Time for changes

The Raptors are not a good team. I mean they have the talent to beat some bad teams when they are shooting well, but against the better teams, their horrible defence is exposed. Turkoglu is a TERRIBLE defender, and looks like he is not in good shape. He exceled playing in Orlando's system, and was handling the ball more. Now that Calderon has the ball in his hands more, Turkoglu looks lost. Calderon, is the worst defender this side of Steve Nash, and I'm thinking that I could probably look like a decent player in the NBA if I had him guarding me. It has become evident that his best role would be a back up point guard, because he looked really good when he used to come off the bench for TJ Ford. Now that he is starting, his mid season injury is something we can always look forward to.

Bargnani is the most inconsistent player on the Raptors. They refuse to bring him off the bench because of all they have invested in him. He is not a star player, and would be better served as a role player. The only problem is, for Bryan Colangelo, that would be admitting you have made a mistake and that can get you fired.

Bosh is not a superstar and we need to stop pretending he is. We need to bring in a guy who can drop 20-25 points on a consistant basis to compliment him. Maybe DeMar DeRozan will be that guy one day, but right now he is NOT. He was doing well the past few games, but now is going back to shooting jumpers, which he can not do. He plays too timid, and he still raw.

The bench has no consistent player. Its time for the Raptors brass to realize that this team isn't working. Changes have to be made soon, or else Bosh is going to leave and they will have to start over AGAIN. I as a Raptor fan, I do not have the patience for that.

Unless we get John Wall.

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Chances of getting Wall are

Chances of getting Wall are slim, trade Bosh for a pick.

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Yeah, I honestly dont see

Yeah, I honestly dont see Bosh staying with them, and even if he will, I think they should trade him now

Get some young guys, maybe a couple of picks in return and start over...hes been there since '03, and is yet to bring them to that next level

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trade bosh for a pick??

trade bosh for a pick?? mean trade him fro a coupel of picks because theres not one or even 2 players in this draft combine who are as good as bosh. the thing with this team is the horrible defense..its just plain bad

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They need a serious change in roster...

They need a serious change in roster and they need it before they waste too much of their season on trying to make this one work.

Players that need to go right now:

1. Bargnani: His stock is high, he is young, he is having his best season so far, and yet he still does not seem to be taking the Raptors anywhere; he will never be a true center, but since there are plenty of teams out there who do not think they need a true center or that are willing to try him at the PF spot, there should be no problem finding people who are interested.

Trade him for a low to high lottery pick and an expiring contract, or at least a contract you can get rid of.

2. Bosh: He will never lead you to a championship alone, he needs another star to do that, but he is still a great player who manages to be a great PF, trade him because if you do not, you will lose out on getting anything for him at all when he leaves for any team that is not the Raptors. With their current record, despite the new signings, keeping Bosh seems more than a little farfetched.

Trade him for a good player, maybe an expiring contract, and a higher pick, late first round to 2nd round; the Raptors will not be saved on draft picks alone, they are going to need that "good player" in the years to come.

Players to be examined and maybe traded later:

1. Calderon: With the departure of Bosh and Bargnani his assists may fall, but those are something he always finds a way to accumulate so I do not think it will be by much; however I would look for the rest of his numbers to increase, and thus his trade value.

Maybe; trade him in the same way as Bosh, find a team desperate for a good PG and really work to get what you want out of them.

2. Hedo: His numbers would also increase due to a lot more touches, his stock would rise immensely from the plunge it has taken so far this season and some serious thought should be put into whether to keep him or trade him, and if they trade him whether it should be like Bosh's or like Bargnani's.

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The only reason Chris Bosh

The only reason Chris Bosh isn't a superstar is because of the market he's in. Ask Shareef Abdul-Rahim how he wasted away in Vancouver.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

Bring back Jason Hart
Shouts out to Todd Burgan
Tony Bland transferred
So did Deshawn Williams
Preston Shumpter could fill it up from 3
Lawrence Moten wore high socks
Derrick Coleman was unstoppable.

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wait wait..why would you

wait wait..why would you even trade barani? hes putting up 16 and 6 in his third year?...he just needs a banger to help him down low. since they are gonna lose bosh why not try to get a banger center and play him at the pf? theres no big men in this draft whos gonna do what he does in year one or 2 and hes only getting better. and dhamp may be on to something there. bosh is a star and allstar like gasol was but you put bosh on a title contending team and he gets closer to being a super star( his defense could possibly keep him from supper star status. i mean do you think the kinds should trade jason thompson and hawes since one isnt scoring as much as barani and the other isnt scoring or rebounding as well as him or should they wait and develop him/them?...this team is not a qucik fixer as some people want to think. they are young and they are gonna take years to become a contender if they dont change this year

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