Tell them so what and keep playing

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Tell them so what and keep playing

Young billionaire Golfer cheated on his wife. Is that really major national news? Media is out of control. So what he did some other girls. He cheated not committed a Homocide, enough. So What.

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uhmm, a major national

uhmm, a major national celebrity cheated on his wife and at least 8 girls have came forward with having relations with him so it's not some story to sweep under a rug. When you make money because you are an entertainer, whether it's sports, movies, music or whatever, people care about what you do. It comes with the program.

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its non of our business

its non of our business whats in his personal life.

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why in america

do we care about the personal lives of public figures? if tiger was a european, it wouldn't be that big.

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Yea enough about people's lives. This country has some kind of a weird obsession wit other people's lives (reality shoes, TMZ, People Magazine, etc.)

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in reality in the grand

in reality in the grand scheme of things it really isnt important...but in todays society and how celebs are big to fans this is news. so no its really not news as far as importance. but as far as for fans and our obsession with what's going on in celebs lifes then it is big

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If you make a living putting

If you make a living putting your face on commericals, billboards, and you put on a "golden" public persona then people are naturally going to be curious of your "transgressions" especially if you are as private as Mr. Long Driver... He made money off of the media NOW the media is making money off of him (karma is a bi**h)... I wish instead of NOT playing golf he plays when the tour starts next year and wins every major in his path...

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