Position Rankings C/PF

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Position Rankings C/PF

1.Cole Aldrich-Potential wise, Cousins is better, but Aldrich is a when it comes to being a good, serviceable big in the NBA.Even he doesn't develop into a force, he will always be able to help a team with his size, defense, and rebounding
2.Demarcus Cousins-By far most talented Center, but also by by far the most inconsistent. As a UK fan there are times where I think he is unstoppable, but at times looks like he has never played before. High risk/High reward, must play better for longer streches to improve stock, if he does that and shows his skills, he will shoot up.(also can be a PF)
3.Keith Benson
4.Jerome Jordan
5.Tony Woods-He prolly wont come out this year, but when he does, I think he can be a starter in the league, good strong big man

Power Forward
1.Donatas Motiejunas-Love his game, lot like Dirk. Has good strength for a euro big his age. I think he has the ability to play inside and outside and be a force like Dirk.
2. Derrick Favors-Jumps out of the building, finishes very well. Will be a big time player if he refines his post game and improves his jumper and distance.
3.Greg Monroe-Big guy with great touch. Has a knack to hit hook shots.Good feel for the game, very good passer out of the post, jump that should continue to improve. As long as he gets stronger and furthur develops post game, can be an all-star
4.Patrick Patterson-As a UK fan I'm little bias, but I love PPatt. Hard worker, hits the boards, works hard on defense. Needs to improve playing with back to basket in the post, But has expanded his game with his ability to hit the 3 as now he must be defended for all spots, also a good passer. Guy could be an all-star, but will def be a strong starter for many years.
5.Ed Davis.-Has as much talent as the other guys here, but he is still weak. Needs to bulk up and go to the basket more. He settles for jump shots too much. Still great athlete, has great hops, and a good touch. If he doesn't get stronger he could wash out, but also could be the best post player in 5 years also, sky is the limit.

Honorable Mention
- Craig Brackins-Will be a good pro
-Larry Sander-Great shot blocker, good skills, like most of these guys has all-star ability
-Arnett Moultrie-Haven't seen him play so its hard talk about him, seen some highlights, looks like a good all-around post.
-JaJuan Johnson
-AJ Ogilivy
-Dexter Pittman

your thoughts on the C/PF spots this year
I will post rankings for PG,SG, and SF later, I'm too lazy right now

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I'm still taking Favors over Donatas. I've been hearing that Donatas has been struggling playing defense overseas. If he can't play defense there, how will he guard big men in the NBA? I see more Barnagni than Dirk in his game. Dirk is much more versatile. Also, I think Patterson is better than Davis. But, in terms of NBA potential Davis might be 2nd or 3rd on the PF list and I still think he will be a top-10 pick.

Also, look out for JaJuan Johnson. Love the guys name...

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C: 1.Aldrich 2.Cousins 3.Alab

4.Aaric Murray from LaSalle
5.Keith Benson

5.Greg Monroe
6.Larry Sanders
7.Charles Garcia of Seattle U
8.Craig Brackins
9.Ekpe Udoh
10.Arnett Moultrie

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Yea, talent wise he's up there, but watching him play in some games, he seems to coast and not play hard or aggresive. Patterson may not be a skilled but he brings it all the time and isn't afraid to take it to the basket.

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