LeBron James on Greg Oden

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LeBron James on Greg Oden

Oden's injury had James wishing the best for Portland's young center, whose early career has been slowed by injuries, ``You feel sorry for anybody who loses their season so early, especially for a young guy who is expected to be the next great big man,'' James said. ``Hopefully he continues to work at it and comes back next year.'

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that's all oden can do is

that's all oden can do is work to come back. It doesn't matter what fans or media think. Oden just needs to work hard and think about next year.

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i hope we look back on these

i hope we look back on these early seasons for greg and think of what freak injuries they were, instead of the begenning of greg proving hes injury prone. he has a chance to be an amazing player i just hope that his body can stay healthy so that he is able to focus on improving instead of stressing about rehab. oden seems like such a nice down to earthy guy he doesnt deserve to be injured all the time

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Oden is probably the most

Oden is probably the most down to earth NBA player I've ever met. George Hill is really coo and down to earth too.

I have a funny story about Oden lol. I ran into him during the summer before his rookie season at Wal-Mart here in Indianapolis. This was right after he had surgery to have his tonsils removed. I don't know him on a personal level, but we saw each other all the time during high school ball, summer aau, workouts and open gyms. I gave him daps and asked how he was doing, etc. As we were walking passed aisles we saw two chicks (One was super thick and had a big bootie... She was strapped!) and Oden says "Damn!" He then asked me to get her attention. Dude was literally shy. In the NBA... #1 pick... And shy lol. I got her attention and the chick peeked around the corner to look at him and goes... "Hell naw!"

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it usually happens to the

it usually happens to the nice far he is injury prone...that can be changed of course because the same thing was said about big z and a couple of other guys who had bad luck with injuries. just gotta continue to work hard in rehab and not get too down on being injured. no one ever said he isnt a hard worker so thats a plus

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