Linas Kleiza

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Linas Kleiza

Somebody posted about Linas Kleiza a few days ago, and since the Denver Nuggets are my team, I thought I'd chime in......Dude is a baller and needs to start in the NBA now.

He was the only seventh man in the league to score 40 points on three occassion over the last two years, excluding this one..I dare you to try and find someone else....And consider his teammates were Carmelo, Iverson and J.R. Smith, all of whom were ball hogs. He could have had maybe 10 40 point games over those seasons.

Kleiza played power forward in college and during his rookie season. Then the Nuggets converted him to small forward where he started hitting threes. He's too quick for power forwards and too strong for the small forward. He could easily average 18 and 7 in the NBA, on a good or bad team.

And don't forget, when J.R. Smith was shooting poorly against the Lakers in the playoffs, who was it off the bench that stepped up and hurt the Lakers....hmmmmmm...Kleiza!

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

Andy Rautins may be drafted after all....very late in the second round
Bring back the Fab 5
Steve Lavin please coach again

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Yeah i made that post a few days ago... He is killing in Europe right now and has an incredibly unique skill set. There are a lot of teams he could be really good for.

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The NBA is about who you can

The NBA is about who you can defend. Yea... He did put up some big scoring games when they moved him to small forward, but his defense suffered. He's a classic tweener. Not big enough to defend power forwards and not enough lateral quickness to defend on the perimeter.

This is obvious, but the European game is different than the NBA. He can't thrive over here as consistently as he does over there. I think he's a good player and could start for a few teams, but I think he's best suited in a role off the bench. I liked his role in Denver... He just needed MORE minutes.

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If he were still with the

If he were still with the Nuggets, I think they would be right on the Lakers heels all season in the west, I know they have the 2nd or 3rd best record, but I still belive the Lakers have are a better squad. With Kleiza, I think the Nuggets would be right there. I watched him a lot in college and HATED him, but he has all the tools to be a very good player, he is a skill guy with great strength and surprising agility. I was surprised he went overseas.

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