very irritating

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very irritating

i wanna see if anyone else agrees wtih me. I personally have never seen a foul called on rasheed wallace where he didn't dramatically question the referee. He absolutely disgusts me and has no credit as a player. Every foul called on him he never accepts and is always looking to complain. This happens in the NBA way too often and its ridiculous. Tim Duncan and Pau Gasol are also completely ridiculous when it comes to looking shocked when a foul is called on them. Easily the most annoying part of the NBA...and when NBA players get reach-in fouls they take the ball all the way to the other end of the court before returning it to the referee...blows my mind how these guys who are getting paid so much money have so damn much to complain about

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same with most of the Spurs

same with most of the Spurs team. I am not biased even tho I am a suns fan. I'm a big fan of TP and Manu but almost the whole team complains on EVERY call! It does gets annoying but it happens. To be fair, almost every star player does this. I think Rasheed, KG, and Duncan are the worst at it though.

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He is even worse than Garnett, maybe the worst in the league. Last year he was almost suspended for too many Ts. At one point he had the league lead in technicals, and nobody else was close. I don't know about the end of the season, but he probably did lead the league.

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i know it gets annoying, but

i know it gets annoying, but its just adrenaline, and they do it to pump up their team and crowd

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If it's a questionable call,

If it's a questionable call, I don't really mind. What I laugh at is when they show the replay and it was an obvious as hell foul but the player complains. I saw CJ Miles reach on Andrew Bynum the other day, and Drew lost the ball and they called a foul for Miles going across the arm. He looked shocked and had his hands up like "what, me?". They then showed the replay and it was such an onbvious hack He got all forearm and wasn't close to even touching the ball. When I see stuff like that, and yes the lakers do it as well, that just makes me laugh. Guys have no credibility after that.

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