10 things I hate about the NBA

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10 things I hate about the NBA

1. Greg Oden got injured again after beginning to scratch his potential
2. Blazers non existent chemistry
3. Don Nelson
4. How bad the chicago bulls are this year
5. The nets are better than their record and their streak was horrible to watch
6. How Chris Paul is surrounded with no talent
7. Floppers
8. Everyone thinks they should get every call in their favor every time. PLAY PHYSICAL
9. Hackashaq technique. Blows my mind how this is legal. An intentional foul to another player results in freethrows and the ball but not with shaq....
10. Yao Mings foot

feel free to add to this list

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1. The refs, not always, but

1. The refs, not always, but the way they help D Wade and LeBron is wrong... Joey Crawford... The Sac-LAL game and Dallas-Miami game
2. Floppers
3. Anything where voting occurs (Slam Dunk contest, All Star game...) fans always get it wrong
4. The Defensive player of the year going to Howard, LeBron being in the All-Defensive first team not Battier

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All-Star Voting

T-Mac getting the starting position the all-star game!

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Floppers are my number

Floppers are my number 1

Theres a big difference in taking a charge & flopping, and sometimes flops are super obvious, yet...they always get the call

Hate it to the point were it sickens me

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1. Greg Oden getting injured

1. Greg Oden getting injured again.
2. Blake Griffin's injury... Hopefully he returns Jan. 1st.
3. Derrick Rose struggling out of the gate... He's picked it up as of late, but the Bulls aren't winning.
4. Inconsistent refs. Missed/bad calls are going to happen, but just call the game consistently.
5. The Indiana Pacers (my hometown squad) are terrible.
6. The T-Wolves drafting two point guards back to back... And then trying to make sense out of it.
7. Teams finding reasons NOT to draft Brandon Jennings.
8. The NBA choosing who's on the All-Star ballot before the season even starts.
9. Dunleavy still being allowed to coach, while guys with LESS talent like Byron Scott and Lawrence Frank (better coaches) are getting fired.
10. The Knicks and their "plan" for 2010. I'm sick of hearing about it. Trying to dump as much salary as they can, while basically admitting that the season means nothing.

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A few things I hate about

A few things I hate about the NBA:
1. Players get paid more than Coaches.
2. Lebron thinks he is God.
3. Players dont play hard after a big contract because they get paid regardless.
4. The Knicks really think D'Antoni can bring them a championship.

A few things I love about the NBA:
1. Best 450 players in the world.
2. Playoffs
3. Dunks everywhere.

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complaing about

1. complaining about a call that's obvious. I've seen the superstars do this for years's getting old to watch someone's face look horrified and angry at the same time as they say " what " to the ref....every fu*kin call that they get called for.

2. 7 footers that don't play physical in the paint. get your a$$ to the hoop and show why you're gifted to be 7 foot and in the nba.

3. pumpfaking your opponent and jumping into them intenionaly to get a foul on them...sounds hypocritical.

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