Lance Stephenson

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Lance Stephenson

My apologies to Iguodala9...Couple of days ago, he compared him to Pierce and said that with his skills and heart he wont flop...I killed that analogy, and said i didnt think he had what it took to be a pro

However, Im watching the game right now and the one word I could use to describe Stephenson is: Pro....More impressive then his scoring ability is the way he is scoring...He is scoring with pro moves, 15-20 foot jumpers off the dribble and looks unstoppable...I believe that he is a pro now, and is legit

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I'm watching too, he's has a

I'm watching too, he's has a low basketball IQ (as the announcers repeatedly are pointing out) but he has a huge array of skills and the whole package offensively. He's as intense as they come though..

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He is a very intriguing

He is a very intriguing prospect. Im not going to talk about his potential, i'll talk about stuff he has now. Good size at about 6'7. Great handle, like he wants to be on the And1 Mixtape Tour. Strong body, he is built like an NBA player now. Decent form and range. Good athletic ability. A drive to entertain.

All of these things were my opinions on how he stacks up to NBA competition. He looks like he is a late first to lottery pick.

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Some of the people on this

Some of the people on this site crack me up. The kid hits some step back jumpers and can put the ball through his legs and he's the next Paul Pierce!?!? This kid will be a bust. He's in love with himself, is a mediocre athlete at the NBA level, has to DOMINATE the ball to be effective, has a slow release, dribbles the air out of the ball and tries to do things he's just not capable of doing when facing quality competition, and on top of that he has a terrible attitude. Anyone who drafts this kid [assuming he makes it that far which is no guarantee] will regret it immediately.

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I agree ^^^^

I agree ^^^^

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I thought

He'd be avg 20 a game. So far its what 10? He is at a school where there isn't much scoring options so he should be avg 20 a game if he even wants to be drafted into the NBA

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Reminds me of...

Stephenson is like Renardo Sidney in that they're both all hype no substance. No team work ethic, not coachable, a product of the high school hype machine...Talent but no brain to put it together. Although to give Lance credit I think he'll be a pro at least, whereas Renardo Sidney will never do anything.

Kinda reminds me of a John Salmons type...yea he can score in the NBA and has talent but does anyone want the guy on their team? He does nothing to improve a basketball team.

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Would not

Take him anywhere near the lottery unless he finishes this season on some 18pg 4ast 7rb and shooting over 40%. Not to say he is not good I have seen him play twice this season, but I am not sold on spending 1st round pick on him.

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why does he get such a bad

why does he get such a bad rep out of high school???????

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agreed....kid is leading scorer in the history of NY and the winningest player in NY ever. Yet everyone thinks hes poison for a team???

the thing is he is so over the top competitive and takes things so personally when hes losing, he cant help but wear his emotions on his sleeve....everyone gave him a bad rap when he would get pissed he wasnt shining as much as he wanted during AAU or during all-star games....the whole point of AAU and all-star games is to get noticed. but when the chips are down and it was real...he won no matter who it was against...

i like him as a pro and think hell benefit anytime as long hes getting consistent minutes....kid will be a problem if hes sitting the bench though

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I still think he is another

I still think he is another Bonzi Wells not Paul Pierce. And don't look at a Bonzi Wells comparison as a bad thing. he had some really good years with Portland and Sacramento. I just don't see Paul Pierce when i watch him.

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Like I said before

Lance Stephenson = Paul Harris only less athleticism.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

Bring back Jason Hart
Shouts out to Todd Burgan
Tony Bland transferred
So did Deshawn Williams
Preston Shumpter could fill it up from 3
Lawrence Moten wore high socks
Derrick Coleman was unstoppable.

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its funny how the same

its funny how the same people who dont think hes gonna do anything are the same people that hype other freshmen who arent doing much against cup cake comp.

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negative comments?

i read negative comments against lance in different forums, last year i read lots of negative comments to tyreke too... eg selfish player, mediocare athlete, need to dominate the ball to be effective, bad release .....look tyreke now, he average 20/5/5 in the nba and 10th on mvp race lolz

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Lance Will Be A Pro!

Lance Will Be A Pro!

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