I Told You So !

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I Told You So !

We are one quarter into the NBA season, and already in our NCAA Mens Basketball season. I Just wanted to hear some of your " I told you So " Moments. events and stuff that you knew had a chance of happening. Welll are here are some of mine.

- Xavier Henry Tearing It up
- Ron Artest and Kobe will Work
- Demar Derozan is No Flop

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Miller to Portland won't

Miller to Portland won't work.
Xavier Henry doing work
Philly not looking like a playoff team

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Im not sold on the Artest

Im not sold on the Artest situation, but................

1)John Wall is one of the best pg's we have seen in a while.
2)Rudy Gay will drastically improve.
3)The Cavs will win it all.........For future referance.

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1.) Seton Hall will be a

1.) Seton Hall will be a team that surprises and sneaks into the tourny, with their transfers and offensive firepower.

2.) Kansas State is the 3rd best team in the Big 12.

3.) John Wall would be the best freshman in the nation.

4.) Evan Turner would be the best player in college hoops (even though him being hurt has dented that)

5.) Brandon Jennings for R.O.Y

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I Told You So

1. Gonzaga is tearing it up in the west

2. The Clippers curse on Blake Griffin

3. Gerald Wallace will prove himself to the rest of the nba

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1. Collison, and Jerebko

1. Collison, and Jerebko will earn themselves playing time right away.
2. Rautins and Johnson will have huge years with their increased playing time.

3. that Texas and Kansas will duke it out all year for the number one spot (Kentucky has a chance now it looks like).

4. Michigan state is overrated they lost a lot of six and skill definitely didn't deserve that second spot in the preseason ranking top 10 maybe.

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