Carlos Boozer

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Carlos Boozer

It is safe to say boozer will not me a member of the jazz next year. They just gave millsap the contract he deserves and there just isnt going to room for boozer next year. He is a very good power foward when he is focused. I honestly believe he is going to go where he gets paid the most. He has proven this year he is still a great bigman but is he just all about the money? What situation bests fits his needs?

Miami- He has a home there and has talked about playing there a few teams and it seems like a win-win right? He plays miami an instant for sure playoff team. Him and Wade would be a lethal combination and that extremely helps beasley being the third option.

Nets- The nets will have a high draft pick this year and the draft is full of power forwards and they already have Yi but his veteran leadership will go a long way with this team. Every young team needs a good veteran and boozer would fit right in.

Chicago- There has been a lot of talk about Boozer being traded to the bulls in a package around tyrus thomas and a good post player is a plus for just about any team.

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i would love to see boozer go to the nets, the need a pf badly.

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If he goes to the

If he goes to the Nets...that'd be one heck of a Team. If they can lure another Free Agent as well. Harris, Lee, T-Will, Boozer, and Lopez with Yi, CDR, Najera, and Hayes off the bench. A couple more signings and they are set.
I think Chicago needs him the most, they are so closeee

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