Artsiom Parakhouski

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Artsiom Parakhouski

How come this guy is not in any draft talks?

Hes a 6'11 Center for Radford

Hes averaging 22ppg, 15 rpg, and 2.3bpg

Most people would say he doesnt play any good competition but last night against the #1 team in the nation he dropped 21 points, 14 boards, and 2 blocks

A couple of weeks ago against Duke, he dropped 23 points, 14 boards, and 3 blocks

And doesnt even have a page for this guy?

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He is 36 pick on the 2010 mock draft

No scouting report on him yet but there is a page:

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I caught a little bit of the

I caught a little bit of the KU game, but didn't watch much of it because it was such a blowout, but a local sports writer Asher Fusco compared him to former Nebraska center Alex Maric and from what I saw in the game, I think it was a pretty spot on comparison. Parakhousi is a little sturdier built than Maric, but I think their games and athleticism are pretty similar.

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saw him last year vs carolina in tourney

Didnt do much, although Tyler Hansbrough didnt shoot that well against him. Maybe he will make it in because he is a big body, but I feel he is severely athletically challenged for the pros.

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