John Wall

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John Wall

I just saw him play last night against UCONN he did a great job. I have never seen him play before until last night and I thought he was just hype but he is not. He has great PG skills I think he could also play the SG. If he goes one and done which he probably will that would not be good. He wants to get his degree so he does not slack of in the classroom. I think he is great.

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He'll leave

he'd have to be &$#%#[email protected]!en stupid to not go this year.

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He is awesome. I was

He is awesome. I was cracking up earlier when people on this website said he was all hype. He is the best player in college ball right now, and within 5 years will be the best point guard in the NBA

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I agree he will be a star...but there's this guy...called Chris Paul...hes like 24...pretty good basketball player :)

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liek i told someone else hes

liek i told someone else hes not a shooting guard and you have watch more then this past game to know they. his jumper is still a work in progress and slow release. yeah its easy to come to that conclussion from watching that one game but hes not close to being a nba caliber shooting. he's a pg

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Yeah, that Chris Paul guy is pretty decent. Deron Willams and Derrick Rose are pretty good, too.

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