Nate Out??

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Nate Out??

New York Knicks trading Nate Robinson?
By Mark J. Miller

New York Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni has Nate Robinson(notes) riding the bench while getting paid $4 million for the season. (Not a bad gig, if you can get it.) Now folks are speculating that Robinson, who has been in the doghouse for some time, is on the trading block, according to the New York Times. Of course, no other team went after Robinson in the summer months when he was a restricted free agent so it seems doubtful there are any teams out there right now that strongly desire his services.
The paper points out that it might be worth keeping Robinson around as an insurance policy in case anyone gets hurt since he is currently playing on a one-year deal that (a) will give the Knicks salary flexibility next summer when the team wants to go after all the free agents with the biggest names (LeBron James(notes), Chris Bosh(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes), Amare' Stoudemire, etc.) and (b) Robinson can put the kibosh on any trade that he isn't interested in since he is playing with just a one-year contract.
It is highly unlikely that D'Antoni will force Robinson out of the locker room as he did with Stephon Marbury(notes) last year. Marbury was openly attempting to derail the team and his teammates while Robinson is still a perfectly nice guy to have in the locker room.

That was by Yahoo! Sports.

Where do you think he should go??? IMO, some places that could use his services could be the Bulls, Wolves, maybe the Hornets, Celtics now that Daniells is down.

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it might be tough to find a

it might be tough to find a spot because the KNicks probably only want an expiring contract in return since they plan on playing the free agent field this summer. But I think any team underachieving who wants to win now could use him. CHicago, San Antonio, New Orleans, Memphis all come to mind. All of those teams could use a scoring boost off the bench and have minutes to give him. Nate can still play and I hope he ends up somewhere fast becasue he is on my fantasy team and these DNP's are not helping.

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I was actually shocked when the Knicks resigned him. Even last year it seemed like Nate made D'Antoni want to pull his hair out. It was almost like they signed him because they didn't have anything better to do and he was entertainment for the fans. I think any bad team that is looking for scoring would take the chance on him. Chicago seems like a good spot and I think Del Negro probably wouldn't go as crazy with him, but then it takes them back to the super small backcourt issues that they used to have with Ben Gordon. New Orleans would probably be a good spot. They need scoring and they are best if they are running down the court, but that would take time from their young guys development. I don't expect any of the good teams to go after him. If you are allergic to Iverson, you're probably going to be the same way with Nate.

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The Hornets would be a great

The Hornets would be a great fit for him. They like to run so if he can get up the court easy points and assists. Would he start or come off the bench though?

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