Looking for a TE

Meachem and Britt (kenny is playing the Rams this week) are available. I want to get an upgrade at TE, so a simple 2 for 1 swap is a possibility. Or if you find yourself with 3 TEs and are willing to trade one for one of these guys than let me know.

Also, truth, you fixed most of the waiver moves MCDONALDS was making except for the one where he dropped LT. Maybe you add LT back to that squad as well? Your call.

Trust me, my playoff predictions are coming.

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i gotcha you

thanks man,

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Your call

Your call

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nice post

nice post

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The Toronto Raptors have been

The Toronto Raptors have been getting noticed this off season and with good reason. This team has gotten better. The only thing standing in the way of a guaranteed playoff spot next April may be that Boston, Brooklyn, New York, and Philadelphia have also made big-time additions to their rosters, but improving division rivals do not preclude a dramatic rise from last season’s 23-43 record.

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I think they want to prove,

I think they want to prove, not only to the rest of the league, but to our team that they can play and they want to fit in. There are a lot of veteran guys, we have a good mix of young guys who are hungry and want to get better, but we also have some veteran guys that also want to win.”

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