Over Rated Players

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Over Rated Players

The ten most overrated player's in the nba.

10. Lebron James
9. Carlos Boozer
8. Andrew Bynum
7. Luol Deng
6. Kevin Love
5. Paul Millsap
4. Emeka Okafor
3. Trevor Ariza
2. Grant Hill
1. Tyreke Evans

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How in the hell is lebron james overated. He is arguably the best player in the nba.

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To be honest, LeBron is a

To be honest, LeBron is a bit overrated, but he is definitely not one of the top ten most overrated player in the league.
He is a great player, 2007 eastern final against the Pistons, 2008 against the Celtics, and last year carrying the Cavaliers to the best record in the league proved how great he is.
But that traveling and crab-dribble bullshit is wrong.
I think his popularity took a hit after numerous events that happened recently, last years ugly playoff exit against the Magic, and stuff happened after the game. Getting dunked on in the summer (although I dont really think it is dunked on), and took away the tape. And recently the dancing incident, which I think is not that big of a deal.
Is he one of the best player in the league? YES
and is he overrated? a little bit

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1. Hedo Turkoglu- Not

1. Hedo Turkoglu- Not playing anywhere near the level that his contract or hype suggests he should
2. Andrew Bynum- Never has produced to expectations
3. Josh Howard- really declined from where he was 2 years ago
4. Brandon Bass- real hyped up last year in FA, but hasn't done much
5. Elton Brand- Ain't anything compared to what he was as a clip. Not workin in Philly.
6. Robin Lopez- Don't understand the love some have for him
7. Rajon Rondo - love the dude but lets see what happens when KG, Pierce, and Allen either leave or begin to degrade.
8. Anderson Varajeo- Ok player but he should be a sparing role player on most teams.
9. David West- I think CP3 made this dude. He ain't anywhere as great without him.
10. Al Jefferson- You put K-Love on here but I gotta take Al. He doesn't board or pass nearly as well as K-Love. And he is not putting up the points that the Next Great Post Player should. He plays very little D as well.

Honorable- Allen Iverson- don't know if he's overrated, but no way is he an All-star

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