Grant Hill's advice to Greg Oden: Probably a slap on their faces on all those who said GO's a bust...LOL

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Grant Hill's advice to Greg Oden: Probably a slap on their faces on all those who said GO's a bust...LOL

Grant Hill talks about what Greg Oden is going through because he has been there and has done that:(though they don't have the same injuries but the experience itself is something we all know about Hill)

"I got to a point where I was tired of being mad at it and sort of looked at it like I could get something good out of it," Hill said. "Greg has to ignore all the critics, the people who are going to doubt him, the fans who say they shouldn't have drafted him, and work on getting himself right.

"It's probably more mental and emotional than physical. The physical part will happen."

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Coming from a guy like Grant Hill, that's got to mean a lot to G.O. Hopefully this gives him just more optimism moving forward!

Since this thread is sure to be filled with Oden believers like myself, I have an intriguing question.

Scoop Jackson wrote an ESPN article that albeit trivial, brought up an interesting point. Would it be best for Greg Oden, and Portland even maybe, to part ways sooner rather than later?

It's also got PTI's five good minutes with Greg Oden(from before the season). Man I love Greg, poor guy.

EDIT: Here's the article link, WOW sorry haha

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If there's one guy who you'd

If there's one guy who you'd want to give you advice on coming back from multiple injuries, it's Grant Hill. This guy was a beast in the 90's before multiple ankle injuries derailed his career. He's now playing well at the age of 37 on the up-tempo Phoenix Suns. Another guy whom Oden can seek inspiration from is Nene. Dude came back from a nasty knee injury AND cancer to become one of the best, not to mention one of the most explosive, centers in the league. I'm very optimistic about Oden returning to full strength.

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