Standoff Between McGrady, Adelman Continues

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Standoff Between McGrady, Adelman Continues

Standoff Between McGrady, Adelman Continues
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Dec 09, 2009 4:10 PM EST
The strange relationship between Tracy McGrady and Rockets coach Rick Adelman continues.

McGrady says he's ready to return from knee surgery, but Adelman isn't concerned with how fast his star returns.

"I feel great," McGrady said Saturday before Houston's game against Portland. "I'm ready."

"The quicker he comes back really makes no difference," Adelman said. "The more we can play at a decent level and work him in the better off I think we are in the long run."

Adelman says he is going to take his time bringing McGrady back into the lineup. Houston is developing solid chemistry and the coach is concerned about messing with that.

"When you bring back someone of his quality and his talent, it's gonna change what you do and it's gonna change guy's roles. How much? I don't know," Adelman said. "I want to be sure and I want to feel comfortable with this."

in other words
the rockets dont want him back. and thats simple.

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Idk if i would take it as

Idk if i would take it as that...I just think theyre assuming he wont make any contributions this year and dont wanna just jump him back in

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