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I truly believe that USA could've won GOLD in the 2004 OLYMPICS...But to me they made several mistakes....
1st.....THE TEAM...
Lebron, Duncan,Wade,Carmelo,Iverson,Boozer,Stoudemire,Lamar Odom, Richard Jefferson,Shawn Marion,Stephon Marbury and Okafor.....Who ever chose this team, picked players that were finishers..The team had no reliable outside shooters...No true point guard...And only 1 center..That was Duncan...without him i think they would've won only 3 games..
2nd..THE COACH....Larry Brown is 1 of the best coaches in league history..But they should've chosen someone that knew international basketball....For 1 thing he didnt prepare his players for international style of play..Plus he did a bad job of managing minutes and using his strengths..With all the great finishers on the team.. Brown should've ran more and played an up-tempo game..Or dumped the ball inside to Duncan & Amare more often....
3rd..LACK OF OUTSIDE SHOOTING.AND ROLE PLAYERS...The team should've chosen some reliable outside shooters..Guys like Rip Hamilton or Brent Barry and Mike Miller ..Role players like Ron Artest or Sam Cassell
4th...LACK OF PREPARATION.....Most International Teams play together for years & year after year..The USA only had 2 weeks to put together a team..Putting together a team of All-Stars that might have trouble coming together as 1 and adjusting to not being the number 1 option on the team...And most of the players weren't use to international rules
5th...TEAM PLAYED NO DEFENSE.....They made journeyman bench player Carlos Arroyo look like a Hall of Famer..ENUFF SAID
6th..SAFETY & SECURITY...After 9/11 the world became aware of terrorists and their attacks...And with the game being playing in a foreign country..Several top players were concern about their safety..All-Stars like McGrady, Chris Webber,Paul Pierce,Reggie Miller & Mike Bibby refused to go there...
7th...NO POINT GUARD..Even though Iverson & Marbury had played point guard..They were shoot 1st point guards..On a collection of all-star type players u need pass 1st guards that would keep players happy..Why didnt they add a college point guard future All-Stars Chris Paul or Deron Williams?
8th..STARS INJURED..The majority of the superstars who had participated in international games turned down invitations becuz of injuries....Players like..Shaq,Karl Malone & Jermaine O'Neal & Jason Kidd..While players like Garnett, Ray Allen & Vince Carter turned down invites ,becuz they were getting married that summer...
9th..LEBRON, CARMELO & WADE...Should've been giving more playing time...These 3 emerging superstars had just finished sensational rookie campaigns..Today some might say they're 3 of the best 4 players in the league..Anthony was the team leading scorer and dominated the preliminary rounds..But coach Brown sat him during the olympics.Brown gave those minutes to veterans Jefferson & Odom..When they could've used Melo's all around offensive game...Lebron was the best passer & playmaker on the team..There were some games during the olympics that Lebron dominated in the 1st half of some games..But for some strange reason..Coach Brown didnt let him play in the 2nd half...The team seem to play together when he was on the floor..While Wade was given a few more minutes than lebron & melo he didnt have the complete all around game that he does now.....
10..KOBE DIDN'T PLAY..The team could've used his competitive spirit ..But Kobe had his trial for sexual assault that same month..

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The big flaw was that USA didn't have a true point guard. Also, remember that forieign teams and players know each other's style because they've played together for years. They eventually caught up to USA basketball. You could notice it in the 92 Olympics. The U.S.A. has the most talent in the world, but it takes time to gel.

Dhamp2....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

1. Throw back Scoonie Penn
2. How the heck does Steve Nash Have 2 MVPs and Kobe 1. That's the biggest conspiracy in NBA history.
3. If you wasn't on the Wesley Johson bangwagon this time last year (when I brought him to this Website and dubbed him a lottery pick) please don't jump on it.
4. Dr. J was the first Michael Jordan

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the main reason is like

the main reason is like ya'll said..the other teams played with each others for years and have alot more time to prepare

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I agree Dhamp and rudeboy.

I agree Dhamp and rudeboy. And ill add that the 2004 team was really lacking starpower. LeBron was a monster even than, so was AI and Duncan,maybe even Melo. Where's the Kobes thr Mcgradys and the Carters? They had 6plus role players on a damn USA team.

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MIKENIKE..KOBE had his trial

MIKENIKE..KOBE had his trial that summer..mcgrady was worried about safety..a majority of star players were worried about security over they didnt go...garnett & vince were getting married that summer..not to each other was hurt....

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Kobe's trial wasn't the

Kobe's trial wasn't the reason he didn't play in the Olympics that year, declined playing every time he was asked until 2008 when Colangelo wanted to actually build a team for the Olympics rather than pile together a group of top players. I think the fact that Team USA kept losing probably played a part in Kobe's decision to play in 08 also.

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Good List

Good List rudeboy... and to me personally, Emeka Okafor and Richard Jefferson should NOT be in that team...

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kobe's trial is what kept

kobe's trial is what kept him out of the 2004 olympics. He had accepted the spot the previous summer, but that went up in smoke. As for the team losing, you guys all nailed it. No pg, lack of time to train together, Richard Jefferson was awful at shooting and Larry Brown was still giving him all the minutes on the perimter.

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that was the biggest

that was the biggest embarassment getting beat by Lithuania, and they were shorthanded also.

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Due to the fact that the

Due to the fact that the International 3 point line is shorter than the NBA 3 point line, they didn't really feel a need to put real shooters on that team. Boy, were they wrong. I mean, don't you think a top-level NBA shooter would knock down open 20 foot jumpers like layups?

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