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Congrats to whoever inquired about the missing Xavier Henry profile on this Website....Right after someone asked about him, the was a profile displayed about 48 hours later. I had to do the same thing with Eric Devendorf last March.

Dhamp2....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

1. Throw back Scoonie Penn
2. Gilbert Arenas owes half of his paycheck to Larry Hughes, who was the number 1 option in Washington until he bolted to Cleveland for $48 mil.
3. How the heck does Steve Nash Have 2 MVPs and Kobe 1. That's the biggest conspiracy in NBA history.
4. If you wasn't on the Wesley Johson bangwagon this time last year (when I brought him to this Website and dubbed him a lottery pick) please don't jump on it.
5. Dr. J was the first Michael Jordan.

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Hah that was me....Possibly

Hah that was me....Possibly the first time in my life Ive ever accomplished anything worthwile

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