Who's your favorite player in 2010 Draft?

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Who's your favorite player in 2010 Draft?

Other then John Wall of course.

I have to say my pick Xavier Henry. I feel he has top 5 potential in this draft. I like the Comparison Aran!

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yes I love John Wall and i

yes I love John Wall

and i have my sweet top5 with him and Renardo leading then there is Favors,Henry and Warren...and i still feel that Cousins could be good and his mix of size strength and skills are lovely.

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with some added weight I think Greg Monroe will be one one the best (so called nba center) His low post moves, shots and interiorer defense has really impressed me, I also like he is more team oriented than stat oriented, this is what scouts eventually see and realize.

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John Wall...

He is the man, he will be the best player in college ball by the end of season!! Look at his numbers compared to D rose and Evan, he is avg 18, 8 already and once he becomes more familier with his team mates, he will avg 20 and!! He is going to the NJ nets ( LBJ is feelig better about leaving now) Wall, James, Lopez, Harris, Lee, Williams and Williams..looks good!!!

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My fav is Evan Turner.

My fav is Evan Turner. Theirs nothing he cant do on te court. Gets in to the lane when ever he wants and has Pg skills in a 6`7 frame. Its unfortunate what happened to him but i hope he can come back full force to show that hes the best college player in the nation

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Willie Warren

This dude can fill it up with the best of them in college.. and he has swagger doing it. fun to watch.

and Luke Babbit.. really intriguing big man with one of the nicest strokes in the draft. who doesnt love a big white guy that shoots the basketball

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I have to go with Evan

I have to go with Evan Turner.

Followed closely by Warren, Henry and Wes Johnson.

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Jarvis Vernado, he doesn't

Jarvis Vernado, he doesn't have the highest ceiling, but I love a good defensive player who isn't afraid to do the dirty work. At 6'9'' he is one of the best pure shot blockers that I have seen in a long time.

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Everyone is saying the

Everyone is saying the obvious guys that EVERYONE likes....

Im with JoeWolf..

I like Jarvis Varnado, his potential isnt sky high, but he works his ass off, he does the dirty, defense is rediculous, needs some polish to his offensive game...oh, and he averages 5.3 blocks per game

I also like Gani Lawal, similar to Varnado, you know hes not gonna be a superstar in the NBA but for the things he does do, he'll be good at them. A high energy guy, brings in a couple of boards of the bench, and become that X-Factor that every team needs

Terrico White, not many other people are high on him as I am, but I like him alot....he has a nice jumper, nice athleticism, nice defense, just a solid overall game, he can do a little bit of everything, and do it well

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i like paul george, he is

i like paul george, he is just so smooth, xavier henry is a close second

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2010 Draft?

We don't even know who's declaring yet! Haha including so many freshman when we have no clue if the Xavier Henry's and such will leave.

I'm gonna go with Patrick Patterson. He's the typical undersized PF so people over look him. But he's got the strength and the motor to pull down a double double easy with some playtime. He's gonna be better than Kevin Love I think, at least.

Go Pat

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I look the always overlooked

I look the always overlooked senior wing prospects James Anderson, Tyler Smith, Damion James, Dasean Butler, Quincey Pondexter and Raymar Morgan. All these guys were projected lotto picks at some point, and while their projected potential is in question, their games are not. I think all these guys have a shot to be rotation players, and I hope that amidst all the hype for their younger, flasher counterparts that they won't be overlooked.

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Da'Sean Butler. What cant

Da'Sean Butler. What cant this guy do?? He is a sleeper pick for someone late in the first or early second round. Ready to contribute.

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Sherron Collins. I love his

Sherron Collins. I love his game, and I'm a K-State fan. That's really saying something. He's quick, strong and has alot of athleticism. Not to mention a sweet jump shot. People will be surprised by some of the dunks he'll do when in the NBA, he's that explosive an athlete. I think he'll be a great offensive player in the NBA...

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i like p.patterson although

i like p.patterson although i wouldnt really call someone whos 6'9 undersized at the pf position especially since his jumper is very very nice. and hes a hard worker i think he is gonna do very very well in the nba

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