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i have to say a lot of things, the majority of which are opinions but none are negative towards anyone, and can spark debate:

1) Quincy Pondexter is a 1st round talent, he's long and smooth with a knack for scoring, he's tough and isn't a diva..the guy is averaging 20+ ppg and around 11 rpg...he may not have the potential of a xavier henry but the guy is a damn good basketball player...if demarre carroll can go in the 1st round then Q-PON certainly should

2) Klay Thompson has a little bit of Brandon Roy in his game, he's 6'6'' with a sweet jumper...why isnt anyone giving him love? he's versatile, leading the nation in scoring and is playing against good teams, he can drive to the basket, can drain 3's and is super athletic and young...PAC-10 gets no love from anyone its ridiculous i know the conference is bad but the players are gruesomely underrated

3) Patrick Patterson-is he an early 1st round talent? he seems to me like an undersized yet sturdy PF a la brandon bass with a good jump shot but isn't particulary young and doesn't seem to have the upside of an ed davis...i think he should fall into the 20's

4) Cole Aldrich-the guy is averaging 10 and 10 and plays good defense, cant john bryant do the exact same thing? im not impressed at all with aldrich, hes gonna be the next kris humphries

5) JaJuan Johnson-super impressed with this guy, 6'10'' F/C with a freakish wingspan, can block shots and can score...i think he could be a late 1st round pick if he has a good combine and gets bigger

6) I think that the mid-major prospects aren't getting enough love such as Osiris Eldridge, Larry Sanders, Marqus Blakely, Matt Bouldin, Charles Garcia, and Kenneth Faried. Just because they didn't have as vibrant of high school careers as some of these other guys doesnt mean they should be forgotten. Charles Garcia has the same talent as Craig Brackins, Larry Sanders seems to me like a version of Tyrus Thomas or Anthony Randolph. Marqus Blakely is averaging 17, 9, and 4. The guy can be a shooting guard off the bench...matt bouldin is well built and can score from all over the court...kenneth faried has a 35 inch vert, can get you 15 rebounds a game, the guy is super talented! Osiris can be a poor man's ben gordon dropping 12-16 off the bench with his shooting abilities

thanks for listening! feel free to respond

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I've been working like crazy

I've been working like crazy since the season began so I haven't seen much college ball at all this year. But Here are some thoughts on your rant:

1-I've watched a ton Pondexter before this year and he always had the tools of a nba player. Good all around, size, athelticism. But he never put it together or showed the ability to take over games. Now it looks like he is doing just that. 1st round is defenitely possible.

2-Klay is a very good all around player and more then just a shooter. But I don't think he should leave after this year yet. Still needs to develop more of his all around skills because right now, he might find himself just being used as a spot up shooter in the nba. As for the pac 10, that's my conference and will always be the first to let people know when players/teams are good. But it really is that bad this year. I don't think people are sleeping on it at all.

3 & 4 I agree with totally. 5 I haven't seen yet. And for 6, I can say that no way is Bouldin gonna be a nba player. He is too inconsistent with his shot and does not really stand out in any one area. He is a leader for that team and is well rounded, but when they need someone to make the big play, he has not been stepping up from what I've seen.

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3. I completely agree with

3. I completely agree with you there, and he may climb to the teens with a late season UK run, but he also could be just as good of a pro if not better than Ed Davis.

4.Aldrich is not producing offensively because he is being double teamed quite often early on this season. I doubt this trend will continue as the season progresses and it certainly won't happen in the NBA. I don't think Kris Humphries ever blocked 3+ shots per game in college, I'm not saying Aldrich is the next McHale, but his game is nothing like Humphries, he's more Joel Pryzbilla than anything, with a little more offense, he has more moves than you would think by looking at the stat sheet, and a 7' footer who can rebound and alter shots, finish strong around the rim and shoot 80% from the line has a higher celing than a 6'8'' hustle play powerforward like Humphries.

6. Brackins is a poor man's Rasheed Wallace in my opinion and his stock will drop this season, I bet he is a 18-25 by the end of the season.

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