Did this Raptor show up Bulls?

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Did this Raptor show up Bulls?

Jarrett Jack had a perfectly good reason to start tying one of his shoes in the game against the Chicago Bulls last Saturday night. The shoe had become untied. Seriously, the Raptors' point guard said yesterday following practice that he wasn't trying to disrespect the Bulls by putting the ball under his arm and tying a shoe as the final seconds in the third quarter ticked off. And he's shocked by the overwhelming (mostly negative) response. The Raptors were heading toward a 110-78 blowout over the Bulls, so there's the suggestion that Jack was rubbing Chicago's nose in it. Even his own coach was unimpressed.

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he was tying his shoe. Why was their no chicago ball pressure! I would have ran to the ball stole it and went for the easy dunk. Poor defense on chicago, fire del negro. Chicago should be better. I think that rumored trade tyrus thomas for al harrington would actually help the bulls scoring. They really miss ben gordans scoring ability.

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What was worse?

LeBron dancing or Jack tying his shoe agains this team? They are very clearly in disarray, and I personally find neither to be much of an offense. To the person that posted earlier that the Bulls should be respected, well, they seem to shoot themselves in the foot quite a bit at this point. I know they have had injuries and are still a fairly young team, but they need to be a lot more with it to merit other teams taking them seriously. Right now, LeBron is clearly not the only person supposedly making a joke out of the Bulls.

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The shoe thing was funny.. I

The shoe thing was funny.. I dont think he was trying to rub it in, but Im shocked that the Bulls didnt go and run and take the ball from him.. easy dunk.
Now the Lebron thing was just unnecessary .

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