Rick's rant about Lebron

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Rick's rant about Lebron

Wow, he really hates dancing during a game Rick acts totally different during nba gametime. But i do agree with him if he worried about his image so much (getting dunked on by college player) then why is he dancing making himself look childish shaq should go &$#%#[email protected]! slap him and tell him to quit dancing like a child and focus on the game and your performance if you want to win a championship dance after the game

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maybe Lebron likes to have a

maybe Lebron likes to have a lot of fun while he plays basketball, and maybe its disrespectful, he's under a HUGE microscope so every little thing is pointed out.. lets just face that he'll never stop he's gonna be himself like everyone else is.. can he live

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It does not help that this guy looks like Glenn Beck, but he also seems to be the basketball version of the ignorant schmoe as well. Does he also want kids to have to work in sweat shops because they had to back in the early 20th century? I mean, I understand if you do not like it, but his comparisons and need to take Joakim Noah's back are just ridiculous. Noah is a hypocrite, which he did not at all point out, as Noah was college basketballs most notorious dancer during his two championship runs in college, also not just kept to after the game. But, I understand getting Joakim Noah's back, the same guy who was just fined for nailing a cameraman with a ball. So, it is decorum to nail someone with a basketball and talk trash but a little too much to do a two step after you get fouled or on the sidelines for your team mates? Well, just so I have the rules in tact. Rick Kamla seems to be a clown by all accord.

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