Granger out 4 - 6 weeks.

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Granger out 4 - 6 weeks.

With Granger out what should the Pacers do?

Personally i think they should go after K-Mart or T-Mac to try fill the scoring hole left.

The other option is wait out the season and see if they can get a high draft pick.

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if they do a trade with

if they do a trade with Sacramento i think the kings want depth in the front court and in turn that means the pacers have to part ways with Roy Hibbert... and K-mart is at least 3 weeks away from a return

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Talk about an injury a team

Talk about an injury a team can't afford to happen. Now who fills their scorer role? Does Dahntay Jones step up, or has he steps up as much as he possibly can already? I think they'll be downright horrible now. Even worse than they are now...

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dunleavy steps up to a 20 point scorer in his abscence.

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Dunleavy definitely has the

Dunleavy definitely has the potential to fill a good portion of the scoring that Granger had, but his points will be harder to get than Granger. On the plus side is Dunleavy's a better passer so we'll see how the Pacers cope. There've been a ton of injuries so far and its unfortunate.

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Theyre not going anywhere anyway they might make the playoffs. Why go out there and try to get somebody? Only 4-6 weeks not like the season. Just wait until the season ends and go get a boozer or somebody that will be the best option. I dont think McGrady or K-Mart will pick much up anyway. Kevin Martin is hurt now anyway and Mcgrady is just a player who scores because of a volume of shots at this point in his career.

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