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the Least talked about of any of the top 10 picks, I think hes the best fit for any team, not saying hes the best but he fits that team perfectly....With the stacked thunder team hes the type of player that can impact his team without necessarily needing to score or even have the ball....He is a very good passer and playmaker, yet showed last night that he has the ability to put up big scoring number.....As good as Durant and Westbrook are, and they are STARS in every sense of the word...Its players like Green and Harden that are going to make them a championship team in a few years if all stay together....

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i absolutely loved this pick

i absolutely loved this pick for the thunder. i think evans will be a better player down the road but harden is a perfect fit for them. he can do it all and plays like he has been in the league for years

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Yeah, good player. Seems

Yeah, good player. Seems like a veteran because he knows how to play his role and not step in expecting to be a star. He has a good "morale" and has a very professional approach for the game. Doesn't run his mouth either and understands he needs to do more then score with KD, Russ, and Green there with him. Type of player that a Championship team needs. Can step up when asked to, fine with playing a role

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I like that he is not affraid in taking it to the rim and taking the foul. He is a free throw machine!

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i like harden, he is very

i like harden, he is very consistent and doesn't turn the ball over. he may or may not ever be an allstar but he will always average at least 15 ppg

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