Bayless asking for a trade?

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I always been a bayless fan

I always been a bayless fan since i first saw his high school game on espnu he can be a great scorer and i dont know what quincey hodges is talking bout cause bayless is a terrifc mid ranges shooter he's not the typical pass first point guard but i think he can get the job done and he deserves more playing time than blake. Bayless reminds me of chauncey billups but more athletic their both big strong guards.

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QHaynes- I like that trade
QHaynes- I like that trade idea.  Knicks are giving up a little too much but I doubt they will keep Lee after the season anyways. So yep if they can get some value for Lee they might as well pull the trigger.  Then again who knows, maybe the Knicks plan on trying to resign Lee?
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200% chance the Knicks are

200% chance the Knicks are not gonna sign D-lee

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maybe because if a guy

maybe because if a guy doesn't play a lot nor do awhole lot when they play i cant call them great at anything because they haven't proved it. maybe its just me but i need proof over a period of time with big minutes. untill that happens i will never say a player is great or even real good at a particular part of the game

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