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Andre Dawkins

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Man that just sucks...To loose your sister while she was on her way to your game...That sucks...Imagine what is going through his mind.."Only if I didnt enroll in duke early"...But That just got me thinking how one thing leads to the other...Imagine if Elliot Williams' Family member had not gotten sick and he had not left Duke...That wouldv'e probably meant that Andre Dawkins would have not enrolled at Duke early...Which wouldve meant that his sister would not be in that car on her way to his game...
I mean ya, im kinda pushing the circumstances (alot of things could have caused her not to be in that accident) but you get the point.... Its kind of like in the benjamin button movie (for those who have seen it), when it shows how many things had to go right in order for the accident to happen to the girl.........
But ya my condolences go out to him and his family (im not religious so I cant really say prayers)....

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