Who should be in the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest?

Here's my picks

Shannon Brown
Nate Robinson
Lebron James
Will Bynum / Andre Igoudala

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nate's the defending champ

nate's the defending champ so i agree. Shannon has been doing some crazy stuff this year so i agree. WOuld defenitely like to lebron get in there as well. As for the 4th guy, not sure. Iggy was robbed so he would be solid. Wouldn't mind seeing what my boy westbrook has in store. Derozan would be nice as a rookie dunker. Would like to see alexander if he could get healthy.

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I dont see Nate doing it

I dont see Nate doing it again. I mean what else can he bring to the table. Move over and let someone else dunk. I want to see Shannon because he is crazy. Westbrook because he or Alexander should have been in it last year. Alexander but he wont be healthy in time. Josh Smith would be fun to see again. I dont want Lebron because I feel like no matter what he did, he would win. JR Giddens even though I know that would never happen. Von Wafer if he wasnt in France or something. James White if he was around. Kobe and Vince would be cool to see if they still got it even though they have lost a little bit. I wish the field was expanded to 6. Also, I wish we had a couple vets in the contest.

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MY picks

As much as I agree with the fact that lebron will win no matter what, he still has to bring it to da table....
so here r my solid picks

Lebron James
Shannon Brown
Russell Westbrook
Andry Iggy (wont try spelling his last name)...

it will be one hell of a dunk contest...And plz no more NATE...Hes done/tried everything...YEs, ur short and can dunk its awesome but overplayed now.....

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Good point on Westbrook, I'm

Good point on Westbrook, I'm betting on Shannon Brown to win it.

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Dunk Contest

The NBA Slamdunk contest has 4 participants right???

Defending Champ "Krypto"Nate Robinson

Lebron James-(I'm guessing he'll be doing a Vince Carter-Fredrick Weis dunk). He'll be dunking either on Varejao or Shaq. LOL

Shannon Brown - If he's good at one thing its dunking.

For the fourth participant. I would like to see James White, problem is he's not in any NBA team. If that could happen, it would be a good match because 2 small guys, and 2 wing players...

Other replacements for James White could be Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith, Joe Alexander, Demar Derozan.

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lebron shannon

lebron (enough said)
shannon brown (hype)
Derozan (darkhorse)
andre igoudala (one of the best performances in his last one)

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Dunk Contest

I really hope the league goes with the best dunkers, rather than the most popular ones... I want to see an entertaining event, and frankly don't want to see Nate Robinson, or Dwight Howard... I'm thinking
-Lebron James
-Shannon Brown (he did a running 360 with the ball palmed, held over his head in the McDonald's dunk contest that was buckwild)
-Rudy Gay
-Javale McGee/ DeAnde Jordan / Blake Griffin (always fun to have an athletic big)
-Chase Budinger (he will bring it... trust me... his first round in the McDonald's dunk contest was banana's...)

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Lebron Terrence

Terrence Williams
Shannon Brown

I dont think Nate's gonna do it again... this will be like his 4th time he said he isn't sure if he's gonna give it another run

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The list doesn't get any

The list doesn't get any better than clippers.

You got LeBron, while he may be overrated as a contest dunker everyone will be watching because of him.

You got Shannon Brown, it is always fun to have a little guy and with his combination of long arms, leaping ability, and huge hands he is a force to be reckoned with in a dunk contest.

You Demar derozan, there is usually a rookie and he is the best choice. I don't think he would win in this field but he can bring some nice stuff to the table.

Then you got Andre Iguodala, the 2006 dunk contest winner(nate won, but I think his FG% was like 40,lol). This guy has everything needed to win the contest and in this field I think it would be he and shannon brown in the finals.

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Heres my

Heres my list


If there going to put Lebron in they might as well try to put in another superstar like Wade so Lebron will atleast have some competition in it because if Lebron just dunks it people are going to vote for him no matter what. They need to put another superstar in there to so that way Lebron wont just win the competition because of his name.

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People, for the last time

People, for the last time Russel Westbrook and Lebron James have no business in a dunk contest. They are both strictly game dunkers. Everything they would do would be things we've already seen them do.

Shannon Brown
Little guy [Will Bynum, Mike Taylor, Jerryd Bayless, Brandon Jennings, etc..]
Joe Alexander [ guy has vids of hitting his head against the rim]
James White [call up! never happen but he'd win]
Demar Derozan
JR Smith

Take any of those four and you have an awesome contest. Leave Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard at home. I'm tired of their bullsh!t. That rim was 11' not 12' and Robinson actually jumped off of some dudes back to make a dunk he couldn't otherwise. Seriously, stay the fu#k home.

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shannon brown demar

shannon brown
demar derozan
andre igoudala
lebron james

and yes whiteflash if james white was in it he would win it

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