thetruth's final season rankings.....

man it seem like yesterday we was talking about we cant wait for the season. now its playoff time. man do times fly fast. its been great fellow playing against you this season.

1.pj all day 12-1- if it wasnt for that one loss he suffer . he would have went undefeted. this team is not great. but its the most consisten team in the league. his qbs came through,welker and moreno had a big day as well. their is concern though. this team has to get help from moss. but hes lucky to go in a first round bye week. lets see if pj can keep it rolling.

2.thetruth 8-5-this team is very dangerous when everyone steps up. mcnabb, cj ,fitz came through. his championship runs on Ap. if ap doesnt play well then i dont see him winnig the title. also with ryan out. henne must step up to fill that void. but i think henne can do it.

3.bu huksies 8-5-he hasnt been active do i know he hasnt. lets see he started warner last week who was out with concussion. and this week desean with a concussion. if he doesnt get active come the second round. he 'll be a second round exit.

4.kacey 8-5-kacey you need to start meachem hes a beast. anyway freeman and schuab play decent.boldin and johnson need to play like that everyweek to make up for the rbs kacey has.its gonna take a few good lineups, good luck from the rbs for kacey to pull through. hes looking likely to play turtles in the first round next week.

5.turtles 7-6-like i have said always this team lives off the way this teams win in the playoffs if the wrs play like that.

6.gatorheels 7-6 - that record dont mean shit. gatorheels team is a threat. he could send me packing my bags next week.

7.ny monsta 6-7-this team is underrated. campbellt was a steal for him.

8. lemons 6-7 if he was active from the start like i said. he would be in the playoffs.

9.r-dot 5-8- the real manager of the year.

10.eagles 5-8 -this is what happens when your not active anymore

11.birdman 5-8-we all know the story already. injury prone rbs, dumb trades,

12.lionpack-no comment.


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As rich as 2014 may be,

As rich as 2014 may be, opt-ins could make 2015 a monster. In addition to the James and the Miami trio who all have player options for 2015, the list would likely include Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge, Rajon Rondo, Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving (R), Ricky Rubio (R), Eric Gordon, Klay Thompson (R), Tim Duncan, Andrea Bargnani, Tyson Chandler, Anthony, Gay, Stoudemire, Nash, Randolph and an even longer list than 2014′s.

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Then again, the more we

Then again, the more we talked with this new crop of Mavericks the harder it was to simply dismiss them out of hand.

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Gentry says that while Dragic

Gentry says that while Dragic won’t have the same full reign that Nash did in terms of running the offense, Phoenix also isn’t going to alter its system due to Dragic.

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